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  1. So I recently got VoIP recently and I've experienced more power outages (Toronto) this year than ever before and I need my phone running during times of emergency. So I'd like to have my internet up and running at all times (assuming the coax line isn't down). So I was just wondering if any of you know some cheap UPS I can use to power a modem, a router and a telephone receiver? Without being so cheap that everything gets destroyed of course.
  2. The GPU works though. He even benchmarked GTA 5 on the system and he says it was fine on HDMI.
  3. Yep, that was done. My cousin also said he tried switching cables to different displayport cables that were lying around, and he tried switching monitors, (he tried it on his first monitor, didn't work, tried it on his 2nd monitor, didn't work) He also said that the monitor is detected in the nvidia control panel but it won't display anything. Edit: a word
  4. As the title suggests, Displayport is not working on my cousin's brand new setup, which I've spent the last 2 weeks building. It's got a R5 1600, Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Windforce, and a dual Dell Monitor setup (I am not sure of the model no but I can ask him to look it up if it's a problem). I dropped off the computer last night and this morning he hooked it up and msged me saying it's not working. I set it up using my HDMI monitor so I asked him to try to hook it up to his TV with HDMI, and that was working. So where would the problem lie? The GPU or the monitors?
  5. I bought a GA-AB350 and a R5-1600. I have not noticed too many issues but Linus and Gang said it multiple videos that you should update BIOs for better performance. But will it change it drastically? I don't wanna carry out a BIOs update unless I absolutely have to.
  6. What speed of RAM is "fast"? I got ddr4-2400 but the return policy isn't up yet so I can switch it out with something else.
  7. So my cousin gave me money to build him a system and I originally had my eyes on R5 1600 and GTX 1070, and everything minus the GPU has been bought and installed. Problem is, thanks to this stupid mining craze, every 1070 is either sold out or priced at $620-640 (CAD), I am finding GTX 1080 starting at $650-660 (CAD) and my cousin told me to go for the 1080 but I'm concerned if the 1600 will bottleneck the 1080. He says he wants to play 1080p now and get 1440p during Christmas sales. Is it a good idea or no?
  8. AutoCAD, UGS NX, Solidworks mostly, Sketchup from time to time, and whatever IT decides to start using next year because, idk, the marketing department of that company is blowing them?
  9. So, I built my first PC 2 years ago, for purely gaming. It has a i5-4690K, msi pc mate z97 mobo, msi red r9-380 gpu, 2 1 tb hard drives, and 240 gb ssd and I think I'm starting to outgrow it. I still game on it, little less than when I first started out, lots of NBA 2k17, not as much GTA V as in the past, rocket league, gears of war, forza, haven't touched witcher 3 in a while but I love RPG games. I'm at 1080p at 60 fps (I know, lame. "Move up to 144 fps loser." "ever heard of 4k bro?"), I've also taken up video editing and rendering, and I've since graduated from uni from mechanical engineering and use a lot of CAD software (both of which are not the greatest on devil's canyon). With Ryzen out and launching new CPUs, I'm starting to consider upgrading my system. Anyone got any build suggestions? Hoping for a system that can game, render videos more efficiently, and handle CAD software better. Looking for the best bang for my buck, and I'm willing to get used hardware if need be, and I'm not in a particular rush to build it so it doesn't have to be processors/GPUs that are out right now, but launching in the coming months. Hoping to keep it under $1000 CAD ($750 USD....I was REALLY hoping 2 years ago the Canadian economy would bounce back by the time I would have to rebuild) but if spending $100-$200 more would dramatically improve performance, I'm open to that. Also, sidenote, anyone know what the components I listed would sell for? Thank you!!!
  10. I'm curious about how quickly are we adopting USB type-c? I've got a friend, who owns a Nexus 6p (rather old phone, I know), and is the only one in our group that has a phone with a typc-c port. This is always unfortunate because he's also a power user and whenever we're out together and he's low on battery, he cannot use any of our battery packs. Whenever he comes to one of our houses, he cannot use our wall chargers and I'm just wondering, does this sound fimiliar to anyone or is he just a poor isolated case? I wonder if the same thing happened when Apple switched to lightning? Edit: Tetrasky suggested I make a poll
  11. So I watched Luke's review of the 7700K and in the part where he said if you have an i7 from the last 1-3 years, don't bother, I started wondering, what am I missing out on by being on the i5-4690K? Basically, I built my first gaming PC last year, and the mobo+DDR3 ram+i5-4690K were all given to be by my friend after he upgraded his rig (yes, I have very generous friends) and I've been tuning out anything SkyLake or DDR4 related. I got a RX-480, and it lets me play everything at either 1080p or 1440p, which is good enough for me, but I guess what I'm asking is, am I missing out on much by not having Sky/Kaby Lake and DDR4 and should I upgrade (to either KabyLake or Ryzen)?
  12. Nope, they're all sitting above a rack in my shoe closet. I need something to ship my used parts off with and original packaging is the best one for that. Although over the years, I've accidentally shipped stuff off in wrong boxes. For example, I replaced my Corsair h80i with a h80i gt and when I was shipping off my h80i, I accidentally used the h80i gt box. Needless to say, the buyer got his hopes up and then was supremely disappointed.