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  1. Alright, thanks a lot man!
  2. Yeah they are a bit pricey other than places where they are completely sold out. And what about the 600 watt version of the CM MWE? That has at least a B tier on the pinned PSU tier list.
  3. I did some digging around, and the ones you mentioned are kind of hard to find at a really good price. But i did manage to find a Cooler Master MWE Bronze 450 at a reasonable price. Would this one suffice for my build?
  4. I live in Hungary and the prices here aren't great. And I'm not sure if my budget allows me to get a quality PSU with the GPU upgrade.
  5. My current rig consists of an I5-2400 and a GTX 750 Ti (additional 6-pin variety) and I'm looking to upgrade the GPU. My current PSU is a Kolink CHS-500 which has been working fine for years now despite it being a brand with bad reputation. Anyway, I was wondering if it could handle an RX 470 or an RX 570 (with a 6-pin power connector as I wouldn't trust it with more than that) since the difference between them and the 750 Ti's TDP is about only 50 watts. Here are PSU calculator links for both setups: https://outervision.com/b/JAa2hZ https://outervision.com/b/CFvuks
  6. limikusz

    PC won't turn on

    Turns out all it needed is a reseat. Posted here because I was panicing.
  7. limikusz

    PC won't turn on

    I turned off my pc before I went to sleep. I woke up and now it won't turn on. After unplugging it from the wall, thr psu fan is still spinning. Dead psu? EDIT: Turns out the VGA to HDMI converter was providing power to the system and THAT'S why it was spinning. But I still need to know which component to replace.
  8. I bought it used from a guy with the cpu+mobo and he said that it was used in another pc but it should work fine.
  9. So I have an ASUS P8H61-M LX3 PLUS + I5 2400 and an Intel stock cooler. I was doing some fitting check and saw that I just couldn't get the stock cooler to align with the four holes. Two pushpins next to each other are fine, but the other two doesn't reach their holes. Any help?
  10. So, I saw a lot of 'no need to cut the mobo' listings on a site for used parts. The sellers have good reputation on the site and people say that it works. I want some confirmation on if they actually 100% work or not, is this reliable and if people have done this or not because everywhere I looked on forums, I didn't find somebody has done this. Pic provided by the seller:
  11. limikusz

    Question about bottlenecks

    My question wasn't that will the Q6600 handle those games, the question was would there be a performance difference with 2 different cards bottlenecked by the same cpu.
  12. limikusz

    Question about bottlenecks

    Let's say we put a Q6600 with a GTX 970 and we get for example 100fps in Battlefield 4, then we pair it with a GTX 980. Would we get the same performance or slightly higher but not as higher fps as what we would have gotten with an i5?
  13. Sorry for the wait time I decided to search on the internet and you're not the only one, If you've the time to try and you can, some people were able to allocate full 4 GiB after reinstalling OS. Others found that flashing BIOS after installing the new RAM works too, but not something I'd try if you're not familiar with it, as it can be risky. I have reinstalled Windows 10 but the problem still occurs. EDIT: It seems the problem is fixed, by reinstalling windows and enabling Memory Remapping, I disabled that before because it was causing more problems but now windows and i are happy.
  14. Yes that was the very first thing I did because I had an OC and didn't want my system to be unstable.