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  1. I was looking at reviews and they say gigabyte has a lot of coil whine so I will get evga
  2. Size is not a problem Do you think EVGA FTW3 is better it costs 100 euro more, and the reviews say it can have 2ghz overclock?
  3. Cheapest one is this. Is it good? Gigabyte GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC 11G
  4. my price is starting at 700 euro in netherlands
  5. I want to know which brand of gtx 1080ti is the best one? I do not want coilwhine, and i want it to be very quiet. Also if it could overclock somewhat decent would be nice (also i do not care about appearance/lightning my case is closed) Thanks.
  6. Hello I found the solution I go to recovery mode and delete backup
  7. hello I have nexus 5 rooted phone. yesterday I installed lineageOS (first I have cyanogenmod and i format the phone everything is gone) so i could play oldschool runescape mobile but now today I want to put naruto episodes on my phone to watch in bed and now it's full. In "other"files it says there is 6.38gb. I click on it there is 0byte in all files i see. I connect it to PC there is barely any files on it when I check. Maybe 300mb total not 6gb. Also someone said on another website to install astro file manager and then check to show invisible files but i tried that and i dont see invisible files What do i do to make the space free?? Thanks goodbye
  8. Today when I started up my computer my monitor was flickering and seemed to constantly change its resolution Afterwards, I noticed things such as text or images appearing blurry or if I moved windows explorer menu around, I noticed the edge was constantly alternating between black and blue between pixels I managed to fix it by doing clean install of nvidia drivers. But I would like to know what could cause someting like this, and if there's a setting in nvidia controler panel or nvidia inspector which I shouldnt change? thanks
  9. my friend it worked thank you if you are admin you can close this thread now i fixed the problem
  10. I will try it Im not expert at using bios so i didnt even think of that
  11. I use my old gaming computer for work now and the processor was overclocked to 4.5ghz before with water cooling but I set it to default 3.3-3.7ghz but its still overclocking to 4.5 and causing crashes I set all the bios settings to default, and no matter what I change, even if I set it even higher than 4.5 it stays at 4.5 Only way to disable it is too turn off intel turbo boost which makes it stay on 3.3 cpu = i5 2500k motherbord = asus sabertooth z77 ram = g skill 1600mhz 8gb
  12. thanks for help Ill buy fractal define r5 with a window and then probably later ill buy black fans instead of poop colored ones
  13. Will I get atleast 4ghz on noctua nh-d14 ? also Im upgrading from an i5-2500k which run at 4.5ghz ( will the newer generation and 12 thread outweigh the lower clockspeed ?
  14. I want to buy fractal define r5 case for my new computer, which has i7 6800k with noctua nh-d14 cooler and also gtx 1070 (probably gigabyte or evga air cooled). If I put 2 fans in the front of the case, 1 in the back exhause. Will it overheat if I overclock the cpu and gpu ? to me the silent is very important. but I still want to overclock as well. so would you recommend if I put more fans in it or better ones or juts get a different case with better airflow? Also I dont know if the window version of r5 is a lot more loader, I'd like window since my motherboard is asus x99 strix with leds on it but silent is more important to me than looks. water cooling is no option btw