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  1. Hi, I was trying to re install windows 7 using bootable flash drive, I already done this a few months ago, but now I'm having a problem, after pressing any key to boot from flash drive, all my usb devices got disconnected and cant detect anymore, even my mouse, keyboard, and the bootable flash drive are not working, even though it was working in bios and on normal boot up. any idea? im using h81m-a asus motherboard and I used rufus to make bootable window 7 64bit
  2. so i can only used 7.20 GB instead of 7,741,632,512
  3. Hi, I just buy 8gb flash drive, when I look at its properties, it shows: used space 4,096 bytes 4.00 KB free space 7,741,632,512 bytes 7.20 GB capacity 7,741,636,608 7.20 GB How can I make it to show the correct free space in GB? In my computer, under devices and removable, it shows 7.20 GB free of 7.20 GB. I'm using windows 7 ultimate sp1 x64.
  4. avahdon

    GTX 750ti

    will there will there be any performance lose?
  5. avahdon

    GTX 750ti

    Hi, I have asus h81m motherboard, and I want to buy gtx 750ti but when i look at the specifications the motherboard only support 1 x PCIe x16, 2 x PCIe 2.0 x1 and the gtx 750ti need PCI-E 3.0 16x. Am I screwed?
  6. okay, any idea on my question 1, 3 and 4?
  7. as i said above, i used manaul voltage, set it to 1.100, but linus said that after stress testing, set the voltage to adaptive for some power saving, but the only option i can found is auto, manual and offset. and if i hit 60-70 temp? is still good? or should i lower my overclock?
  8. thanks. i already overclock my cpu, but there is no adaptive option in my bios
  9. asus release bios update to support overclocking.
  10. hi, i just bought intel g3258 and asus h81m-a. it's currently running @ 4.2ghz, 1.1 vcore with 50-60c temp (stock cooler) under load. I have a few questions. I already update the bios to the latest version. 1. is 60-70c safe temp? or should i lower my overclock? 2. how can i make the voltage change depends on my cpu load? i set it to manual @ 1.1 vcore, but the settings in bios have only auto, manual and offset. does asus h81m-a board support adaptive voltage? 3. if i can only used manual voltage. it is a big deal for power consumption? 4. and does fan xpert will continue even if i close the ai suite 3? thanks.
  11. never mind this, it crash at vcore 1.000
  12. thanks guys, i fix the problem, i try to used auto tuning, then go on manual mode. i currently running @ 4200 mhz, 1.100 core voltage. and the temperature is 48-49c (stock cooloer) under load. i dont want to overclock more than 4.2, should i lower more the core voltage? it is stable at 1.100 core voltage.
  13. i do save the settings, a look at it a couple of times, it said target cpu 4200