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    Crucial Ballistix Sport 2X4GB 1600MHz
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    Corsair 100R
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    1TB HDD @ 7200RPM
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    TeckNet G927(HS800)
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  1. Best £40 gaming headphones

    I'm looking for a new pair of headphones with a £40 budget. So far, I'm going to get these: HyperX Cloud Stingers or maybe a G230, but I'd like to make sure I'm making a good choice. I've already got a microphone, however I would like to replace it if possible. My front IO panel doesn't work, so I'll need a relatively long cable. I'm a gamer but I also listen to a lot of music, but I've never used any high quality headphones - so sound quality isn't really a concern as long as it's decent. Thanks.
  2. Looking for some £5 earbuds

    Thanks. I ended up buying these. they're good - but they're already breaking after like a week. But, I'm buying some proper headphones soon and I'll just get a replacement.
  3. Looking for some £5 earbuds

    I'm looking to replace some earphones for my phone, I'm not too bothered about quality, as long as they will fit in my weird ears and last some time. Sound quality doesn't bother me as long as it's not horrific. I'd like them to be through Amazon as I have prime and can get next day delivery. As I said in the title, I'd like them for around £5. I don't really want to spend £10 on earphones I'm not going to use too much.
  4. I thought because of the performance in most games it was a better card, thanks for the detailed correction - so, it'll fix itself over time? Thanks a lot.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation, in all honesty I'm a bit confused by this as the 1060 is a better card (I believe) and it's doing worse in DX12. Would this be something that would change over time or not?
  6. That's what I was thinking. The 1060 performs better than the rx480, so I'm not too interested by AMD for now. Do you think I should try and grab a cheaper 980ti off ebay?
  7. Please note, I am in the UK - newegg is ridiculously expensive for shipping, and I cannot buy things off of US Amazon. Hello, I'll have £300 to spend on my gaming computer in about a month and want to know your recommendations on where it could be best invested. So far I've decided on a 1060 6gb for £229, but I'm open for suggestions and feel I could really benefit from some of your intelligible feedback and recommendations. I'm going to be gaming at 1080p and am looking for high - ultra settings. I'd like to be able to invest some of this £300 in games if possible. Another thought I've had is an SSD. Here are a list of games I play (or will purchase): -Star Wars: Battlefront -Battlefield 1 -Grand Theft Auto: V -Assassin's Creed: Syndicate -Just Cause 3 -Blackwake -Ark: Survival Evolved My current specs are: i5 4460 GTX 960 2GB GA-H81M-H 2x 1TB HDDs (One of them is about to die, I believe) 8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM Corsair 100r Logitech G402 Technet HS8000 Sunsonny Gateron Blue keyboard Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you have a nice day!
  8. Best VPS for gaming servers

    Hello, I don't know where else this could go on the forums, so I'll put it here. I'm looking for a vps with at least ark and rust for a decent price. Thanks.
  9. Easy to install CPU LGA1150 coolers

    Thanks for all of the replies.
  10. Hello. I've got an i5 4460 and I'd like a cooler just to keep the temps cooler so it lasts longer (it probably won't last too much longer) and for if I want to upgrade to an OC'able CPU. I don't want watercooling as I don't trust it as my friends leaked and took out his 980s. I'd like things on the cheaper side. I'd like it easier to install because I recently changed cases and that was a nightmare to work with, so I really don't want to take anything out of my case Thanks. Specs: Motherboard: GA-H81M-H RAM: 2X4GB Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP* 8GB DDR3-1600 *I believe they're VLP, because they appear really small Case: Corsair 100R GPU: GIGABYTE Mini-ITX 960 2GB (although may have a 1070 at the time of getting the coolerit) CPU: Intel i5 4460 w/ stock cooler.
  11. How do I completely wipe a hard drive?

    Windows is due a reset anyway, I just as well do it now. I'm also 3/4 away from finishing transferring steam games to my new HDD. There are tonnes of programs I no longer use and there is probably lots of fragmentation.
  12. How do I completely wipe a hard drive?

    I'll try it out when I've done the necessary file transfers - thanks!
  13. I've recently got a new hard drive and want to move windows over to the new one. I've set up a flash drive to do so, but to do this, I'll need to wipe the old hard drive, how do I do this? Or at the very least, remove windows.
  14. How to move files to another hard drive

    Oh... I didn't realise it was that simple... I thought there was more to it. I don't know why I had to ask this...
  15. As the title suggests, how do I move files to another hard drive? I'm going to reset windows, but I want to keep my files during the transfer, is this possible? EDIT: I just realised what I asked, I'm an idiot.