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    Chemical Engineering Major at University of Akron, Occasional gamer
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    i5 2400
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    Cheap Asus Thing
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  1. AMD's drivers are not the best, I had a similar issue with my 460 and they released a new driver version that fixed it. No guarantees but this might be a waiting game
  2. I didn't realize there were no 4GB 950's. That makes it easier
  3. I'm doing a pretty basic budget build for a friend and I was just wondering if I should go RX 460 for the DX12 and Vulcan compatibility (if it ever gets used) and the lower price or the GTX 950 for a slight performance gain. Any ideas?
  4. Yes. I'll make sure it's set properly but it is definitely set up to use dedicated graphics
  5. I'm wondering if it is a bios issue, I had trouble getting it to see my drive orginally
  6. I've done it all. I'm really just desperately trying to avoid nuking my drive at this point
  7. Did it already. Nothing. I think my only option at this point besides returning the card is nuking the drive and reinstalling windows
  8. Every time I launch a game (except totally accurate battle simulator) It begins to stutter then windows gives me a message the says "application blocked from using graphics hardware" I've tried reinstalling drivers, changing graphics settings, even resetting windows and still nothing. The files aren't blocked either. Any idea on how to fix this?
  9. I just put an RX460 in an Optiplex 390 and it gives me the error that the title is named after. I reinstalled the drivers and everything and the game files I have aren't listed as blocked. What do I do? Whenever I start a game it just crashes instantly.
  10. I figured it out, had to tell UEFI to boot the windows file
  11. I just got it, had to tell UEFI to use micrsoft boot file
  12. I don't need the data, I was just using it because it had windows. It doesn't want to boot from my windows USB though
  13. It seems that way. Will windows load to a drive with data on it already?