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  1. yeah actually this started happening after updating my drivers, i will try reinstallling the programs again tho
  2. Hello resently i have been having some issues with my pc and not sure but i suspect it hass something to do with my GPU, the only two programs where i have been experimenting this issues are in 3DS max and League launcher, i will appreciate if someone knows whats going on and if it can be fixed, thank you
  3. Thanks everyone for the recommendations, The r5 deal sounds great
  4. how expensive is ram right now, i havent check that
  5. no more than 300 us and im planning to get at least 100 back selling the other stuff
  6. So a little of context, i currently own an old i3 4160 and already have a decent gpu but i'm planning to change everything for a ryzen 3200G because is the chepeast of the ryzen lineup or just find an older 4th gen i7 processor and keep the old mobo and ram
  7. Asus gu501gm I7-8750h GTX 1060 16 GB ram 128 GB SSD 1 TB HDD
  8. Hello, i just run with an issue right now and is really annoying, my temps are locked at 75 degrees when it was usually at 80-83 degrees on loads, and its dropping a lot the performance, i normally get between 90-120 fps on Fortnite, but with the temperature locked im getting around 50-80 fps with some heavy stuttering in gameplay, does anyone knows why that happen because is affecting my gameplay really hard
  9. There is no problem is just my first time with a gaming laptop, im used to having lower temps in a desktop pc
  10. My asus gu501gm with a i7-8750h and a gtx1060 is getting between 80-85 degrees while gaming in both gpu and cpu, are this temperatures too high and if thats the case how can i get lower tempts