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  1. Issue was resolved by microsoft support.
  2. When I try to open any settings (I.E. display options) it says apps cannot be opened. Anyway to fix this?
  3. Since I really don't have near as much amount of time for gaming, I was thinking I can use the Xbox to play a few games before work or before going out with friends. I'm just trying to convince myself if it is a good buy
  4. I do, but I don't really use it anymore.
  5. My friend is offering me a Xbox One S W/ BF1 and Forza 6 for $200 and I was wondering what you guys thought about that. Is it worth it? Thanks in advance
  6. I currently have the Gigabyte GTX 970. I might be buying a new 1080p/144hz monitor while it would be cheaper around this time. It would be for solid performance and future proofing.
  7. Hello, I am wondering what the major difference between these ti graphics cards are. (Besides the price). I am thinking about getting a GTX 1070, but didn't know if the 1080 is any better. (The 1070 is cheaper so I was going to go with that). THanks, Jerahmy
  8. Geat to know, thank you for your feedback.
  9. I am just gathering opinions based on others'. I might upgrade to either 1080p 144hz or 1440p 60hz. So I was hoping to see if anyone would recommend a GPU upgrade.
  10. I am just going to gather some opinions about my system. Does anything (In your opinion) need/should be upgraded? (Besides my monitors. I know they are horrid). CPU I5-6600k (Skylake) (Not OC'ed) Motherboard ASUS Z170-AR RAM Crucial 8GB (DDR4) GPU Gigabyte GTX 970 (Not OC'ed) Case Enermax Mid-Tower Storage 1 TB WD Blue and 500 GB Random HD and 240GB SSD PSU Rosewill 650 Watt Display(s) Dell 24' 1080p and Compact 720p
  11. I am currently having the same problem, but with mine, it happens on videos (Youtube/Twitch). Game are not affected. Im not sure what card you own, but you are not alone my friend.
  12. Maybe, that's a lot of processing power. Not sure if the CPU is up to the challenge.
  13. It was just a prank. The computer is fine. It should last you a long while.
  14. It should run vanilla Minecraft at a steady 30 FPS. Im just estimating though.
  15. I currently have the AZIO MGK1, you should go with the Corsair. The space bar broke the first few days with the keyboard and pisses me off during gaming. Go for the better quality.
  16. The list you pasted is blank good sir.
  17. Also, I5-6600k is a good CPU, I enjoy using it
  18. ^ What he said. Get the ASUS Z170-AR, I have it and it allows for overclocking. For cooling, I also have that same cooler, but I have not overclocked. The cooler is okay for overclocking, but I'm not sure to that extent.
  19. I went from an AMD FX-8350 to I5-6600k, there was a HUGE difference. Most games with the FX were dipping below 60fps. When I installed the I5, it was a different story. I have yet to have a game dip below 60fps. So imo get the I5. It will probably give you better results.