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  1. Hello, Much like other people on this forum I am looking to build a computer for myself for the very first time. So for this Project which I have decided to name Project C I want to build an extremely compact machine that has enough power to help me complete my power hungry tasks. These tasks include, Android Studio, Eclipse, Adobe Illustrator and the only game I play on my PC which is Minecraft. So as of now I don't think that I need a dedicated video card, especially since I want to keep this very compact. So I think I have most of the project down since I am kinda basing this Snazzy Lab's Hackintosh project. The only issue is that I really can't figure out how to setup an external powerful supply or what parts I should purchase in order to make sure the machine has just enough power. -This is my current parts list, but of course I would like better suggestions. Motherboard - Gigabyte H-170 Motherboard CPU - Intel Core i3 RAM - 8GB DDR3 or DDR4? Brand is not important. Memory - Laptop Size HDD 1TB PSU - No clue, please help! Cooler - Noctua NH-L9i CPU Cooler Case - Streacom F1C-WS
  2. Hey guys I am looking to build a small compact PC that has enough power for my tasks while staying In my budget this what I would be using it for. will be watching 1080p videos and I will be running CPU intensive programs such as eclipse, Android Studio and I also plan on running Minecraft and Illustrator as well as for listening and fiddling with music. My maximum would be $600 but I would love to stay under $550 I would also like to include Windows in the budget. Also I would prefer to use this case with and external power supply. -Case: Streacom F1C EVO Mini ITX HTPC Chassis