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  1. hadarelv

    How to Disable iCloud Music Library?

    Hm, very strange. I installed the update and the toggle appeared in the menu, so thank you a lot:) However, on my friends' iPhone X on the latest iOS 11.2.5 there is no such feature. Is it possible, that it depends on the phone, region or something else?
  2. Good day everyone I faced an unexpected problem. I have a folder on my laptop with music that I want to copy on my iPhone 6S. I add them to the iTunes Media Library and after that a small blue cloud with dotted edges appears near every song. After synchronization only some songs are copied to the phone. As I understand, this problem is caused by synchronization of my music with iCloud. I want to disable it, but there is no such setting anywhere on my phone. I read some articles from 2015, where it is clearly shown, that you can disable in "Settings"->"Music" the "iCloud Music Library" option. However, on my current version of iOS 11.1.2 there is no such option! Please, help!
  3. Hi there Here's the thing. My laptop (asus g501j) lays almost all the time on the table with ac adapter plugged in. So, that means it constantly charges (isn't it?). Does it harm the battery's lifetime? Thank you in advance!
  4. Phone will be generally used as multimedia device. No intense tasks, extreme load.. I just want it to perform smooth
  5. Hi guys, I'm currently searching for a good priced peace of hardware which will have decent camera, at least 32GB of storage, 2-3Gb RAM, good display (decent colors, brightness, viewing angles ) and good performing processor. Kinda looking for HTC Desire 530, but I'm not sure, because heared its processor doesn't do its job quite well. Are there any alternatives on the market? Or should I take HTC? Thanks in advance!
  6. hadarelv

    Asus GL502VT

    Do you have any other models to recommend?
  7. hadarelv

    Asus GL502VT

  8. hadarelv

    Asus GL502VT

    Hi people. I want to buy myself a slim gaming notebook and after some searching I decided that Asus gl502VT will be a very good choice. I didn't find much reviews of it, but it seems to be just an upgraded version of g501. What do you think about gl502VT, is it worth it?
  9. hadarelv

    Best fitness tracker?

    But jawbone doesn't have a display for notifications at any model
  10. hadarelv

    Best fitness tracker?

    Maybe you know better trackers?
  11. hadarelv

    Best fitness tracker?

    Hi guys, I am thinking to buy a fitness tracker and would like to hear your recommendations. Good heart rate tracking, silent alarm and call notifications will be the perfect combination with great design. Is there anybody who owned a Fitbit Charge HR or Vivismart and what can you tell about them?
  12. hadarelv

    GTX 750 Ti compatibility

    GTX 750 Ti requires PCI-E 3.0, but I'm not sure if my motherboard has one (can't figure out on gigabyte's site what gen PCI-E does it have )
  13. Hi everyone. I have AMD Athlon II X4 640 cpu, Gigabyte M68Mt S2P motherboard, Zotac GTS 450 and 450W power supply (don't know neither manufacturer, nor model). I mostly use this rig for gaming and now I want to make a little upgrade (switch GTS to ASUS GTX 750 Ti) to achieve a bit better performance. Will GTX 750 Ti fit to my motherboard and have enough power?