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  1. Hi, so I just got another gtx 980 to put in a sli config, but I lost other set of pcie power cables that came with my ax760 psu. As it happens, I have a spare xfx proseries 750w power supply lying around with all its cables. I was wondering if it would be alright to use the pcie power cables from the xfx psu, since different PSUs have different pinouts. I checked the overclock.net power supply pinouts, but all the power supply pinouts are limited to the 24pin to 28pin connectors (which have the same pinout for both the AX760 and XFX 750W). Are PCIe power cables pinouts universal across all PSU manufacturers?
  2. Hey, so I'm really keen on getting a large sensor compact camera, and I'm agonizing over which of the two to choose. I live in Singapore, and the M3 and LX100 new are at about the same price point. However, I have managed to find a used LX100 at a really nice price point. My issue is the portability of the LX100. Is the LX100 as unwieldy as it looks? The RX100 seems much smaller and shoots comparable photos as well. Are there any characteristics in terms of IQ that could sway me towards one of the cameras?
  3. Not sure where to find right angle molex connectors that I can crimp onto wire; and besides the bitspower x-station seems to be discontinued by many of the online retailers too :\
  4. So I have a problem, I'm trying to power 6 rad fans and 4 drives, and I can't use SATA pass through power cables, since its a ssd mount and it would look positively horrible. So I was thinking of using molex to sata power. Since I want all the cables to be behind the motherboard, I want a power distribution board that has molex 4 pin and 6 pin fan connectors. I have found the bitspower X-station power extension series of power distribution boards, but the molex outputs face upwards, relative to the pcb and that won't do for a pcb that I mean to place behind a side panel. Does anyone know of an alternative commercial solution? Failing which I would love to know if its possible to create a power distribution board without buying any specialized tools.
  5. So my internal storage drive keeps lagging when I first access it and windows explorer just freezes up for a few seconds, then it runs properly and all the files can be accessed. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but when I start bittorrent to seed files that are on this particular drive, it always has to check for downloaded files and that takes an eternity tbh. So I was wondering if the two problems are related and if there's any way to fix this? btw its a 4TB WD Red drive, NTFS with file and folder compression on. Not sure if this is important, but the file allocation unit size was set to default too.
  6. I was just wondering how you guys are powering your drives without it looking absolutely apocalyptic behind your side panel, since sadly, I'm having trouble with mine . I can't use the pass thru sata power cables, since I need to get power to 4 ssds mounting vertically, and the pass thru cables would look quite bad and bulge a bit. So I decided to use straight sata power cables which are connected to molex 4 pin ( 1-1, to make it easier to sleeve). But I can't find a molex 4 pin power distribution board that will fit behind the case. Any suggestions or work arounds? If I have to I'll make the board.
  7. woah I didn't know there was someone still selling mdpc sleeving... unfortunately I'm completely hopeless with colors. Any suggestions for the neutral color?
  8. thanks for the suggestion. do you think orange would go with chrome plated pipes?
  9. Hi guys, so I wanted to sleeve my power supply with mdpc sleeving but I'm having trouble deciding on colors that go together. As of right now, I have mdpc's bright orange, toxic green, ranger green and aquamarine blue sleeving and won't be able to buy more (since the store's closed), so these are the only colors i have to work with. I have a Obsidian 750D, a Maximus VI Formula, Corsair dominator platinums and AX760 and two black rads. I will also have chrome plated copper pipes, with a ek full nickel block and a swiftech komodo 980 block. I was hoping some of you guys might have ideas as to what colors might go with my set up While I do have enough black sleeve to make it a main color, I don't have enough for it to be the only color....
  10. well I didn't know what I should do with the 730 series ssd so I figured I might as well include it in my array. Perhaps I should use that as my OS drive? I do have vague suspicions that the initialisation of the raid array is slowing down my boot, since it takes over 20 seconds to boot fully
  11. So I have 2 256 GB samsung ssds in raid 0 and i recently bought a 480gb intel 730 series ssd. Is it possible to put them in raid 0? Also, I am aware that this introduces a lot more risk of my drive array failing, but I think i might risk that for the higher speed
  12. well the power button works after I flip the rocker switch back and forth once
  13. but what about the rocker switch?