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  1. restarted everything. still no access
  2. So this is how it all looks.. but i still doesnt work. i can't connect remotely
  3. the pc uses a different ip than what's listed so i dont think it is.. but now that is added. These are the port forwarding settings.. what should i do here
  4. so i just paste my storage computers ipv4 in here, name it plex server and im good to go? or do i need to do more stuff?
  5. my router gives me the option "add new static lease" i guess thats the same thing?
  6. oh okay, that sounds great How do i do that.. is this guide any good? https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/19249/how-to-assign-a-static-ip-address-in-xp-vista-or-windows-7/
  7. The storage pc downloads files from different websites and it's not super allowed to do so.. therefore i have a vpn for it. With the vpn on, remote access gets denied since the pc doesnt have a static ip. i use a secondary computer that network shares the drive from the storage pc to host plex which allows remote acess since its a static ip on that machine. So basically: PC 1 has vpn = no static ip and PC 2 no vpn = static ip.. Im terrible at networking so maybe im missing something..
  8. Okay so i just follow this guide and in plex i change the ip to whatever hostname i create with this?
  9. Hello! I've been using plex for a while now and I think it's great! right now i have 1 PC for storage and another one for hosting the server.. the storage pc uses a vpn for everything and can't host the server because it doesn't have a static ip.. Is there any easy way to make my vpn let plex through while still covering everything else? or do i need to buy a static ip from the vpn company? Feels like a waste to have several machines on if i can do it all on one!
  10. I went and saw a demo of oled.. it was really nice I guess I'll be an oled owner pretty soon haha
  11. Yeah christmas is not worth waiting for.. i want one pretty soon i'll see if i can find a deal somewhere otherwise i will just get it for 2100
  12. is 2100$ a bargain price? or should i wait a bit and see if it drops?
  13. I'll see if i can find any demo on the tv, might make it easier to decide if oled is necessary
  14. i can buy the philips for around 1700$ or the lg for 2100$ is the LG worth the extra?
  15. Okay so that won't be an issue then. I pretty much only use it for movies and shows.
  16. Yeah that's the one im looking at, it goes for around 2100$ here, it looks really nice. Are burn ins still an issue?
  17. Yeah it's not the content that sucks.. the projector is around 15 years old with a resolution of 800x600 with a contrast ratio of 500:1. so its not very good
  18. around 2000$ 65", its not very bright. i have blinds that i can roll down. But it's not pitch black
  19. I mostly watch downloaded movies that vary in quality from 1080p to 2160p, also some netflix and HBO. I notice now that when using the projector i can't see what happens i dark scenes.. it just becomes a dark blurr..
  20. Hello! For the last couple of years i've been using a projector in my room for movies and games but the picture quality is low and it's noisy. So I've started looking at getting a TV instead. The TV will be a downgrade in size but the picture quality should make up for it.. I've looked at QLED and OLED tvs and I'm not sure what I should get? OLED is more expensive but is it worth it? what do you guys think?
  21. maybe I should get a TV then, easier to use and no noise.. any recommendations on that end? is OLED the thing everyone wants?
  22. Hello! I'm looking for a new projector, I currently have a Liesegang dv 245 so it's around 15 years old and it works great but the fan is very loud and the picture quality is not the greatest so I think it is time to upgrade to something greater. I have a small dark room that i use it in with a throwing distance of around 2-2,3m. What would you guys recommend? Let's set a budget around 1000-1500$, is 4K possible?