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Leviathan the Serpent

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    I am very interested with Computer technology. I love learning about computers. LinusTechTips teaches me a little something about computers on every video I watch.
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    Nothing, yet.
  1. Leviathan the Serpent

    Storm Stryker Case question

    Can an E-ATX Motherboard fit into the Cooler Master Storm Stryker? The Motherboard is the ASUS Maximus V Extreme E-ATX LGA 1155.
  2. Leviathan the Serpent

    More powerful graphics cards (not in SLI)

    The upcoming ASUS ARES II Dual 7970 GPU, without the needed overclock.
  3. Leviathan the Serpent

    Graphics Card Connectivity.

    This may sound like a very stupid question, but what happens if you put a GTX 690 and a GTX 680 in SLI?
  4. Leviathan the Serpent

    Asus ROG G46 Notebooks

    ASUS released their new G75 model. It comes with a Thunderbolt port and the NVIDIA 670MX. They also added new things, here's the website link. http://www.asus.com/Notebooks/Gaming_Powerhouse/G75VX/
  5. Leviathan the Serpent

    Games worth playing

    Infinity Blade, Infinity Blade 2, and Infinity Blade: Dungeons (TBA) are good iOS Games.
  6. Leviathan the Serpent

    The oldest graphics card do you currently own?

    NVIDIA nForce 6150se 460, That thing was a piece of crap.
  7. Leviathan the Serpent

    How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?

    Oh, if you can't see the picture its 30.1 MBPS Upload, and 5.01 MBPS Download
  8. Leviathan the Serpent

    What's Your Favorite Web Browser?

    Choose the one you like and use.
  9. Leviathan the Serpent

    favorite laptop you have owned?

    I had a Dell Laptop once, but It got plagued with numerous viruses, then I bought an ASUS a couple of months ago. Works like a Charm! On the side note: Never use AMD OverDrive, bad things will happen.
  10. Post your thoughts here. AMD OverDrive is a software developed for AMD Rigs. Here is the link to the website. http://sites.amd.com/us/game/downloads/amd-overdrive/pages/overview.aspx
  11. Leviathan the Serpent

    What graphics card do you currently own?

    I own an AMD 7640G, it was integrated with the AMD A8-4500M APU. It's nothing special. But, In the certain future I might own a NVIDIA Graphics Card.