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  1. Omg I feel stupid now. The tutorial I followed might be older, so they probably changed the way it works since then. Thanks!
  2. Hello there, I recently upgraded my PC, including switching from an NVIDIA GTX 970 to and AMD RX 5600XT. That also included a fresh install of Windows. So I had to reinstall the ICC colour profile in windows as well. On my old hardware this was not a problem, but now it won't work for some reason. When I try to add the ICC profile it just won't load. 2020.07.27-17.10.mp4 I already searched a lot online but there is no clear solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Okay I feel really dumb but I fixed it. I apparently installed experimental drivers by manually updating. When I updated my drivers it simply said "new version available" so I installed them. I don't know why I didn't try this earlier but I used AMD cleaner tool to remove the drivers and then reinstalled them. There it said "Recommended 20.4.something" and "optional 20.7.2" which was the one I updated to. So I installed the 20.4 and now it's fixed... It boots as fast as ever again.
  4. I built my PC about a week ago. I then enabled XMP. Today I realised I still had to update the vBIOS of my graphics card. I followed the instructions which were: 1. Flash vBIOS 2. Restart and that's all I did. Am I stupid?
  5. I'm not 100% sure what you mean. After building my PC I enabled XMP and have not touched that since. It has worked fine since then. Pretty sure I didn't touch anything else after that. Should I try turning XMP off?
  6. I'm not sure it does... There's no AMD controller in here. Some searching on the interwebs also told me rolling back the drivers might work, but it's greyed out for all of them.
  7. Yes I'm familiar with the Device Manager, but your screenshots still help massively. I thought he meant to ask of I made a restore point for Windows itself, which I did not. Thanks a ton, I really appreciate the help!
  8. No I did not... is that really the only way to recover? Damnit I just installed everything.
  9. Perhaps you could ask if there is a wired connection available anywhere? That would definitely help. If you're lucky some hotels have the router accessible inside your room. If that's the case you could bring along an Ethernet cable and plug in directly from there. WiFi is generally less stable then a wired connection, especially in hotels from my experience.
  10. Hi, I need help. TL;DR My PC boots super slow after I updatet the BIOS on my Gigabyte RX 5600 XT Gaming OC, from F60 to F61. Longer version: Just got my new PC with a Gigabyte RX 5600 XT Gaming OC. I installed Aorus Engine and there it said I had BIOS version F60. Also my AMD Drivers told me the specs of the card, which were clearly the older ones. On their website it listed F61 (among others) so I downloaded that. I carefully read the readme file and it said F60 > F61. So I closed all background programs, ran the tool as admin and it said "Succes ! Would you restart your computer?" And so I did... And I got the boot up screen... For a very long time it kept saying "press del to enter BIOS" like it usually only does for a second. Then I finally got the Windows spinny ball loading animation, which also took way longer than before. I finally got to my desktop and checked the AMD software and Aorus Engine. Both confirmed I had now BIOS F61. I decided to restart my PC once more to check if this wasn't a one time thing... But unfortunately it is not. Where it took my PC seconds to boot, it now takes minutes. I also updated my AMD drivers before I did this, so maybe that also influences it. Any ideas? I just got this PC and I'm not really that inexperienced, but now I feel stupid for messing this up. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  11. Okay thanks for that explanation. I guess I will find out if it holds up
  12. Ah okay, I thought so. He's absolutely right though, because the cheapest RX 5700 a couple months ago was around € 300, and I believe I even saw the Red Dragon for a price close to that. Now the cheapest one starts at €350... And that's if they're in stock, because they've been going in and out lately, in all of Europe I think even.