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    Tzur Itzhak, Israel
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    Math, Science, Programming, Drumming, Cooking...and obviously gaming!
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    Scholar of Computer Science and Math at Ariel Uni


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    Intel core-i7 4770k
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    MSI Z87-G43 Gaming
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    2x8Gb GeIL EVO CORSA PC3-12800 1600MHz
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    N770 TF 2GD5/OC (MSI Nvidia GTX 770)
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    IN WIN
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    WD Black 2TB :: Crucial MX500 2.5-inch SSD 250GB :: Adata Premier Pro SP900 120GB :: Crucial MX500 250GB
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    Cooler Master G700
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    LG Flatron E2242C-BN :: AOC E943FWS
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    Cooler Master Hyper TX3 (fan bracket version)
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    Dell RT7D50
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    Logitech G102 Prodigy
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    Yamaha AV Amp DSP-A5 :: Bose QuietComfort 35
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    Dual Boot; Windows 7 64-bit || Fedora 28 (Linux)

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  1. I've since completely formatted the drive deleting Linux. Still no luck. I'm gonna go to sleep for now. If I succeed or fail, I'll probably post back here. As of right now, It seems my laptop is gonna be Linux only, which is gonna be annoying cause I need to work on code and I like using VS2015 and Notepad++
  2. So, what do you think? should I reset the pc and try again (maybe I moved the USB drive or something)
  3. Honestly, I only have one USB drive. Means I keep switching OS installs on it if I ever need to. Hopefully we can keep the switching to a minimal, though I will do it as many times as I need too. I wonder why they had the drivers like that. It's so weird and clunky in the bad way. Luckily, I have a cd for drivers and stuff as well as my usb drive (plus, this is for my laptop. I still have my desktop which is working fine, which means downloads and stuff can be done easily, as well as help while the laptop is doing stuff) Also, this "Starting Windows" aint budging. For now I'll leave it on until you guys have a plan of action I can take
  4. I got it recognized using Rufus, so that's good. But it looks like it's stuck on "starting windows"... For now I'll leave it on and hope that it continues. Though, I am doubtful it will.
  5. yep, bootable usb. also I'll probably need help with GRUB. I'm quite new to the linux stuff. Gonna give this another go now. I used something else, not rufus, so I'm attempting with that now
  6. 1. not offered at bootup 2. Honestly, I just wanted to see if it would work. my goal was to see if I can make it work if I can just open setup.exe.....obviously that wasn't the case.
  7. Hello, I'm having an issue; I own a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop and am trying to install windows 7 on it as a dual boot with Linux Mint which is already installed. The issue comes as follows: I have an installation disk for windows (external DVD drive), and for some reason on bootup, it isn't recognized. I tried transferring the disk to a usb flash drive (Which I used to install Linux Mint 19.2 today without any issues or hiccups), That didn't work either. I tried using WINE to install windows 7, but I can't seem to manage, I keep coming to the error on the win7 setup which says "To install Windows, make sure that a partition on your boot disk has at least 826 megabytes of free space". I'm willing to try quite a few things. I would like to clarify that I want a Dual Boot solution for Win7 and Linux, and would rather avoid a Virtual Machine windows inside of my linux. Thank you in advance for all the help!
  8. That reminds me, this one is freesync. I know Nvidia is (somewhat) supporting Freesync, but I wanna know if it's worth getting a Gsync monitor
  9. Gotcha. any Ideas of what 1080p monitors are worth getting then?
  10. So basically, I'm considering a new monitor for my setup. I don't know if I should go 1080p or 1440p. I want an upgraded resolution from my current 1080p@60hz monitor, but if I'm willing to stay at 1080p. my setup is: nvidia gtx 770 2gb i7-4770k 16gb ram I don't have the money to upgrade the graphics card and monitor. the games I play range in older titles such as thief 1 and UT 1999 all the way to just about 2018. I play a lot of emulated games and even more PC games. Currently I'm playing Stalker Call of Pripyat, thief 2 and Dirt Rally (for reference). I don't tend to put my games to max settings unless my PC can handle it. I don't mind tweaking settings and lowering it. So the question is: In your opinion, should I get a monitor which is 1440p@144hz/165hz or a 1080p@144hz+? Like should I go BenQ XL2730Z or BenQ XL2546? Thank you anyone for your help. feel free to ask me questions and or anything else if you want to.
  11. damn....I'm guessing @Glenwing's solution didn't work either? have you tried looking up if there are any monitor specific driver's from acer's website? Other than that I can't really think of anything
  12. It's probably the same issue i had in the past, and my laptop had. Hell even some at school have had it. I wish i could offer you a solid solution, but all i know is that it's potentially unfix-able. I reverted to Windows 7, and the laptop now has dual boot with linux being the main os of the two.
  13. In addition, I'd like to know if you tried or have installed/downloaded anything recently.