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  1. Hi. i have problem with my mic on maxims viii impac mb. its extremly low and nobody cant hear me on ts or steam. in control panel in recording settings aint work ass well, what i can do pls help me thanks. i read a lot of this topics and never find any solution. i was try to uinstall asus rog realtek driver and nothing again. am sure its something about driver cuz there is something like perfect voice and supremefx and a lot of stupid things. headphones: steelseries siberia v2
  2. yes thats my fail but i just looking at titan x and its fits in ^^
  3. well more gb doesnt mean more speed you can find 2x4 3000+ if you want to buy good mb but anyway she will not use 20% of speed or size my opinion: make her gaming rig if you want to spent 1k and you can play games when you go to her and dat pc will work perfectly. go with i5 and some asus rog mb 8 or 16 gb of fast ram and gpu with 4gb ddr5 peace.
  4. to much wasted money.. u can go with non K processor and maybe i3 why 16gb ram ? she will not use around 15% of this performance (your choise) split money on half and for 500$ travel to LA with her one week
  5. you still not sold on noctua? whats that mean? i still maintain that the intel>amd i had a intel in my first pc and didnt ever change it for amd and i will not in future too. in sg13 can fit any gpu (maybe not any but 99%)
  6. yes you right, i was thinking on SFX-L, my bad. thanks for help mate (Y)
  7. noctua can cool it for sure, its very low space for liquid cooling but its possible to put it in. i rly dont prefere AMDs gpu: r9 280x turboduo by powercolor (it can still run around 7-8 months and i will replace it too)
  8. sorry for posting there, i didn't notice "new builds & planning" i dont know how to delete this topic
  9. hello, i want small compact gaming rig around 6500sek (swedish crown) 700€ or 750$ i want complete deskstop (all components) just without GPU. i was looking for something like mb: asus maximus vi impact cpu: i5 4690k psu: silverstone 500w modular sfx-L (its 80+ gold if i saw well) ram: hyperx fury (2x4gb) 1866MHz ddr3 non-ecc cl10 storage: any ssd (250gb-no more) + i already have one HDD 1tb cpu cooler: ??? (i was looking for noctua nh-L9i is it ok?) pls comment and help me if you have any changes or suggestions thanks !
  10. thanks mate ! but i must find my installation disk what i get with pc ? thanks mate, well i must find cd... am not sure where is it. i seen it just when i bought pc 2 yrs ago...
  11. what you think aabout this one ? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Hf4VNG
  12. but i want fast ram cuz i looking for ddr4 corsair bcz i design a lot in illustrator, photoshop, 3dcoat and need faster rendering u think kingston ddr3 will be ok btw for now i have just 700$ and i want to keep gpu and buy new later (in april) any suggestions with faster ram and non k cpu ?
  13. ye thanks you right just wasting money
  14. hi i looking to buy new pc i have zalman 500w psu from old one, 1TB HDD and powercolor turboduo r9 270 2gb ddr5 graph. so maybe i can use this a little or no, help i looking for something like: -MSI B150M Bazooka (i think its 1151) -i5 6600K (1151) -corsair vegenace LPX ddr4 2133MHz 2x8GB -cooler master silencio 352 what you think guys?