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  1. I wouldn't because then I would have to spend money when Windows works just fine, I've used Windows for so long it would honestly be a waste of time to learn os when in reality I would get the same outcome either way.
  2. I was thinking about ordering the Steelseries Rival 300 mouse because I wanted a more "bare-bones" gaming mouse (Similar to the Razer Deathadder), what is your opinions or recommendations?
  3. For example, having Wi-Fi profiles named 'Netgear' and 'Netgear guest'. Would this cause any loss in speed and/or cause interference between the two signals?
  4. J122

    Windows failed to start up?

    Significant update, bumping.
  5. Whenever I turn my pc on, I am taken to a menu of two options: Launch startup repair(recommended) and start Windows normally(which does nothing, basically stalls for a few moments and then takes me back to the two option menu) So when I click launch start up repair, it takes me to start up repair but strangely doesn't ask for me to pick a profile or ask for my password. It doesn't let me choose a repair date, So I run the start up repair and then click repair. An error pops up StartRep.exe - application error - The instructions at 0xfbeb584d referenced memory at 0x00000008. The memory could not be read, click ok to terminate the program.(I've ran the start up repair countless times and have noticed the message alternates between '0xfbeb584d' and a similar line of gibberish.) The only thing I have downloaded recently was some software from Netgear(their website) pertaining my wifi adapter. EDIT: I was able to get into safe mode and I have a Microsoft Windows Reinstallation disk, what steps should I take from here?