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  1. Really should have checked the builds better and i would have saw the stuff about the gpu and hard drive myself but its 4 am here so I'm a little tired anyway thanks again for the help
  2. I've been out of the loop for a fair amount of time especially on lower end parts so which of these builds is better of is it just subjective ?
  3. cant just convert it, prices differ due to tax differences also you used re-baits which would bring the price up to $475
  4. thanks, didn't expect such a fast response
  5. my nephew is currently looking to get parts for to build a computer for general use and playing a few games on, it will be nothing too intensive, the games he plays now are only things like garrys mod and minecraft and i was wondering what he would be able to get for £300 (cant go over) without an OS or any peripherals. This pc would have to last at least 3 years playing these games which hopefully wont be an issue since they aren't very graphically intensive.
  6. thank you thought it would be something simple just did it and its working fine now
  7. I have recently updated to windows 8.1 (64bit) and when I try to install the latest amd drivers it says failed to load detection driver. I was hoping there would be a simple fix to this minor problem
  8. i had the issue once yesterday and then i tried again and it worked but today i have tried close to 50 times with no luck, hopefully tomorrow the issue will just fix itself tomorrow like it did for you, thanks for the reply
  9. i have been playing league of legends for just under a year and after the latest update i cant seem to log in and keep getting the error of cant connect to pvp,net, i have had a few issues with league in the time ive been playing but usually they have had a quick fix such as repairing the client or completely reinstalling it, but in this case i have tried everything that has been recommended and nothing has worked and was wondering if anyone had any possible solutions. The things i have already tried are repairing and reinstalling, uninstalling, syncing windows clock, configuring DNS, uninstalling pando media booster and disabling peer to peer transfer, im not sure if i have missed anything there but i have tried everything on the riot page for trying to solve the issue and nothing has worked if it helps i am on eu west but the servers are running fine and other people i know have got on just fine.
  10. I am running a none legit copy of windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and have been for over a year now and over this time i have had some issues which have made me decide it will be better to just buy a legitimate copy of windows 7 home premium 64 bit and was wondering if there is anyway to install the new copy of windows without losing any of my data since im not completely sure what option of reinstall this would come under as its technically a downgrade. EDIT: one of the main issues i have had is that some programs dont recognise the operating system and some how pressume it is linux, this happens in firefox which can cause issues with finding the right download for other programs, I also cannot watch netflix as i get the error of not having the right spefications to watch the shows, so for the mean time before i buy the legit operating system is there anyway to fix this as i would like to be able to watch netflix on my desktop as soon as possible
  11. No, positive air pressure in the case means less dust as it means any unfiltered holes blow out air meaning dust cant get in through them, rather than the holes suck dust into the case like they would if the case had negative air pressure
  12. some people do some don't just see when you get it personally I don't see much difference and I regret buying one since the colors kind of suck
  13. I made a few alterations but good build otherwise it's just better to get a good air cooler rather than a cheap watercooler, also changed the psu to a fully modular one and if you don't care about adding another card down the line just get a 550w psu http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/22Kz4
  14. not everyone needs to play at more than 60fps on every game there's no need to be sarcastic about it personally I regret buying a 144hz monitor since the colors are pretty bland and past 50fps everything seems smooth to me and I'd rather the game look better
  15. why exactly are you having two builds, it doesn't seem like you have thought this through much