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  1. ok, I will. I will prob get an SSD anyway
  2. it has happened one time in the past, but last time it happened everything on my drive got deleted, not sure
  3. So randomly out of nowhere my pc stated "Your PC has ran into a problem and will restart now" it restarted fine & its working good again. At the time it said that I only had 3 tabs and skype open, and my PC is custom build and has 8 gigs of ram and an i5 so i dont think that would be an issue. I was thinking it may have been my hard drive its just a normal 1tb drive not SSD. Do you think this was the issue and if so should i get an cheap SSD like $50 120gb SSD to put windows on, do you think that will fix it ?
  4. If I added one leg would i put it in the middle or something as well as what is anchoring to wall mean ?
  5. (Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I could not find a more appropriate one) I plan on getting an 2 ikea linnmon and was wondering if I could use L Brackets rather than standard legs to make the desk float, and will it be able to support the same weight, 2 monitors and a Desktop PC ?
  6. But do you think the malm will meet my needs or is there another option I should look into ?
  7. Yeah I was gonna get this mount http://www.amazon.com/VIVO-Free-Standing-Bolt-Through-Adjustable-STAND-V002F/dp/B00C5H5DN0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1463259926&sr=8-3&keywords=duel+monitor+mount
  8. So I want to get a desk that can hold a duel monitor and possibly triple monitor setup also with my desktop pc on the desk for under $200 preferably around $150 area but if its worth the extra I will be fine, I was looking at the Ikea Malm with pullout pannel and was wondering if that is a good choice, thanks !
  9. So I am going to try starting to vlog with my iphone and was wondering if there is a certin app that I should record through rather than camera or if camera is the best way to, also just wondering if iMovie is the best editing software for iPhone. One last thing should I vlog with the front facing camera or the back?
  10. So I'm looking for a new microphone to do commentaries on I currently have a yeti but I'm not satisfied with the sound so I picked out these 2 mics and am wondering which one would be better. I will use the mic on the Rode PSA1 mount and the mic will be a few inches from my mouth, Thanks for any help!
  11. So I was looking for a new desk for around $100-$175 and I was looking on Ikea and saw the Linnmon/Adils ( http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S49932670/ ) and was wondering if this will support 3 21.5 inch monitors on a vesa mount and my PC ( its a mid size tower like normal ) But I heard it wasn't the most stable thing ever and was wondering if I should get this desk and get like another Adil leg or 2 and set it in the middle, will this work. I know this desk does not have any cable management options so I will pick up a signum rack and drill a hole. Sorry for the damn essay hahah, just let me know if that will work or link me a new desk that will work better for around my price range.
  12. So the preview of my video does not have any bars or anything but when I begin the render it gives it bars on the sides, What is wrong ? I do know that my render settings are not messed up
  13. Zeako_

    Need JAVA help

    https://gyazo.com/37bf2720faed7e134ba6894d7b0ce0c5 does it matter if i already have java installed?
  14. While trying to install the 64x version of java I got this error- https://gyazo.com/b6d719b883194302bae9aa2222bf9a19
  15. so I want to hook up the headset ONLY for game volume could anyone let me know if I can do this as I don't have the adapter for controller and since I dont need to talk I figure I dont need it
  16. so other than the adapter everything will be in the box and ready to do everything I need?
  17. Okay so I want to get a headset to use with my xbox one and listen to game audio. I know I need the adapter thing but once I plug it in will I be able to hear the game volume as well. Also can I use it for my PC and xbox at same time. In all I want a headset to talk and hear game volume on xbox and PC at same time, if this can't do it what is one that is similarly priced that can. Thanks !!
  18. Here's a video with that same thing happening. Rendered in the same settings. But also the videos before on my channel were made on this PC as well. ... I doubt it will lag i just built PC it has i5 4440 and 8gb ram
  19. Okay so I record my gameplay on my HD PVR 2 GE and when I watch that clip over everything looks fine but when I put music cut it up and put facecam over it and render it it comes out laggy. Anyone know what could be happening? https://gyazo.com/deffa48d2d51de45b5859bd1e848afc3 My render settings I also Disabled Resample from the gameplay and facecam
  20. Yeah where in the bios is the iGPU multi monitoring button I don't see it
  21. So I am currently in the bios and idk what I need to enable for this. I have an Intel core i5 4440 so this works for QS Also I had a Gigabyte board The closest thing I would think it is is "Intel Virualization Technology" which is already enabled Ps- I am using a dedicated GPU ( R7 370 )