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  1. if you know anything about new games and gaming then you stream twitch because its more interactive with viewers
  2. i stream on twitch not youtube and small companies do that not larger companies unless they already know you
  3. so there is no way for someone to get ahold of them that is starting out?
  4. So I have a live stream that I do on twitch. I have a decent following and I was curious as to how Linus contacts companies like Intel and Nvidia to where they send him products to use for certain builds. can anybody help me out?
  5. I took the parts list you made and came up with this what do you think Parts List
  6. @OAcesync i didnt know i wasn't following the topic. I assumed that if you were the creator of the topic you would be following it by default.
  7. Okay so far this seems like the best build for the parts going into it. but I am really going for a smallll rig to go on a desk so if i went with the cpu, memory, and power suppy, i want to try and do a silverstone sg13 case and a itx motherboard or that mother board and the thermaltake v21
  8. So I do a live stream on twitch.tv and I mainly use a laptop to stream which is actually killing the laptop because the load being put on it cpu and so high for so long. I want to build a dedicated stream machine that is under $500. This PC will not be used for gaming for a while but might be later on. I will however be using it everyday for livestreaming on twitch at 5000 Kbps. I came up with a list of parts that I think are a good choice but I want to know if I am crazy for using AMD parts because I havent seen a LTT video involving and AMD cpu in over a year. Parts list: Case: Thermaltake Core V21 Motherboard: ASUS M5A78L-M (Only for the on board graphics) CPU: AMD FX-8350 Black Edition(this is the reason for the on board graphics on motherboard) would a A10 APU work just as well as this or no? is so I could switch this to a m-ITX build and just dedicated it to be a stream machine. and I would make a gaming computer later. PSU: Corsair CX500W(refurbished) <- should i go with a smaller watt one until i decide to add a graphics card?? RAM: Team Vulcan 16GB 1600MHz Storage: I already have a 500GB HHD and 1TB WD Passport Link to parts list with total price