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    Network Policies

    No If you look at "By policies for it to block like on MOBILE, website on browser and "youtube" app." I do have it blocking websites eg. "www.youtube.com" on desktops, but you can still access youtube through youtube app on mobile devices or by just doing "https" on desktops, it blocks "http" but not https... you can access any site with https I don't want that. It doesn't block anything on mobile devices. I use ESET at the program but its hard to use and it doesn't block mobiles because it need to be installed on a mobile device in order to work
  2. ItsSK

    Network Policies

    I want to setup a Security program that is easy to use and has a lot of features, but also has network polices what I mean is when someone connect to the network weather its WiFi or Ethernet cable the policies I set should be enforced as long as they are connected to my network. By policies for it to block like on mobile website on browser and "youtube" app. If anyone know please help. Thanks