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  1. Which motherboard you would recommand in the ROG or sabertooth series that is available right now
  2. For how long you had the board...i am looking for one that is durable and have great packaging.the sabertooth couldn't withstand shipping
  3. I have never RMA before ......what info did you send to them ? I brought using hopshopgo service Did you have to send them the board back ?
  4. I mean that the reviews on newegg and amazon say it not durable I am looking for a mobo that will last for 5+ yrs
  5. exactly same thing here.....$399 out in the drain (exclude shipping)
  6. I had an ASUS Sabertooth z97 Mark 1 motherboard.Unfortunately it arrived with bend pins and i am getting no POST(check my other post to know more).I live overseas and there is no asus store around here so RMA is not possible (i.e too costly). I am looking for a new board that have more of less the same features the sabertooth(number of 3.0 usb ports etc...).It would be awesome if the board has a start button so that i can test it outside case first without having to use a screw driver. CPU ; Intel Core i7 4790K "Haswell" CPU RAM ; Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz Case : Fractal Design Define R5 Usage : PC will be used for work(programming) and some occasional gaming P.S : First time pc builder here looking for something easy to install
  7. added a new pic So its game over ....time to buy a new mobo ?
  8. I was not getting POST and i just check the cpu socket.Can you confirm that the motherboard has bend/broken pins Edit : Added a new pic
  9. @Muffinmaddness @Patrick3D @DarkBlade2117 Here is an update to the situation I remove motherboard from case and i disconnected everything.I tested my evga power supply using the jumper,The fans started spining just fine pointing to an issue with the motherboard.I then tested the motherboard outside case .Motherboard only had cpu , standard cpu cooler , ram attached and i got same issue as i was getting isn't case So I can conclude its not a matter of shorting or psu. Most probably motherboard....If you guys have any suggestion do let me know
  10. I guess the guy was wrong .....i used the jumper provided from evga and it worked just fine.Then it might be the motherboard that is DOA
  11. My EVGA Supernova 750w G2 arrived DOA.I even got it tested by a technicial(he has a psu tester) and he confirm that the power supply is faulty.I live overseas and my country uses UK plugs(220-240v).I want a PSU that will be able to withstand international shipping..
  12. looks like i will have to take the motherboard out of the case to diagnose post issue
  13. I am wondering whether i am connecting cables the right way From manual But the 28 pin has a break down and it goes to the psu so i am a bit confused . The 4+4 side of the CPU cable should go to the motherboard or psu ? Right now i have the 4+4 side connected to motherboard and full 8 pin connected to motherboard but i am not getting POST. Can another give me a confirmation so that i know whether i have reassemble everything or not