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  1. actually the warrenty was 3 years and i had this card for 3 1/2 so im kind of pissed about that. Dont think ill go EVGA again.
  2. how sure are u? cuz this thing is my baby i cant tell u the back breaking work i had to do to get my pc parts.
  3. it was not overheating when i was playing yesterday, or any other time it was functioning.
  4. ok so something interesting happened. I installed the drivers that came from my cd dated 3/20/2011. My pc started up and I didnt get a blue screen, but when it got to the desktop, i was still on 800x600 resolution and windows disabled my graphics card. It says in properties option device status "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" and under the resources tab it says "this device isn't using any resources because it has a problem." So i'm not really sure what to make of it what do you think? also i forgot to mention while on bootup, theres a lot of weird pixels instead of where my bios options normally pops up. Like when you would see the option to hit f11 to enter the bios, i dont see that, its just a bunch of out of place pixels and a black screen.
  5. Today I launch witcher 3, start playing for 5-7 min. and my computer crashes. On restart I get a blue screen. I then start up in safe mode, and I uninstall all my nvidia drivers. I start up normal and everything works fine. I get no blue screen or any crash. I then installed the newest nvidia drivers, restarted my computer and again I started getting a blue screen after every restart. I did the same steps as before and uninstalled the nvidia drivers and everything went to working fine. Yesterday and the day before that everything was working fine. The only thing that I recall changing was a windows update recently, besides that I didn't download anything or make any changes. I have a GTX 560 that I had since November of 2011. I had absolutely no problems with this GPU, although it has dropped in performance, but that should be normal due to age. I just need to know FOR SURE if my graphics card is dead before I order another one. Thanks in advanced. btw this is my first time posting on linus forums, i have already been to 3 other forums and im just looking for some advice.