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  1. I’m in such a predicament, whether to go for an ultrawide, this 4K and an Xbox One X or go for something completely different and irrelevant, just don’t know what to expect from this Monitor I just know it’s the best deal I’ve seen for a 4K monitor since I started looking
  2. Would it be worth to get it on a 24” Monitor? Had people tell me it’s not worth it but idk, just fed up of the 1080p Life :((((
  3. Would their be any issues at all with having a monitor at a different refresh rate and resolution as my secondary monitor?
  4. Not planning on having them in the same place is all, I only really play CSGO on PC, so wouldn’t be worth cramping my already cramped PC/Desk space just to give 4K to browse reddit on my pc so
  5. Found this, wondering if there’s anything I’m not seeing about this that’s awful because the price seems like an absolute steal. I’m not really looking to use it on my PC, just for the Xbox so the 24inch size shouldn’t have any issues in regards to scalability or text on websites being bad etc.
  6. Cheers for that! I'll give them an email just to make sure, says in the title it's for my model but better to be safe than sorry.
  7. She should have mastered it herself, the amount of shoes etc on the floor in the middle of the night, I think she did it to spite me. A week after I buy my 1070, she must have been jealous
  8. I leave it at her house most of the time, so she can play sims etc as I only use it for University. And she said she put it on the floor to make her bed and then got in bed and in the morning stood on it. Women ey
  9. So, girlfriend stood on my MSI GP62 6QF and now the screen needs to replaced. I've never bought a replacement screen for a laptop was just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere I can get a replacement for it as my MSI warranty was only 12 months I believe and it's been about 16 months. Preferably a UK link, cheers! Edit: Would something like this would? Despite the website looking sketchy as. Just need to find a replacement asap because I can't go any longer looking at only 75% of the screen
  10. You think?:D Just didn't like the look of the card all that much (aesthetically that is), didn't really know what the performance is between the two. But you boy you do love your overclocking
  11. Completely unrelated note, but a friend has a Zotac Amper Edition 980ti that he's had a couple months but has since gone out and got a VR setup and invested in a 10 series card, he said he'd sell it to me for 150-200 if I was interested, would you say 980ti or 1070? For the sake of performance, because I've just too many options here :'(
  12. I'm looking to upgrade my case, currently have the NZXT Phantom 410 and I've hated it since the day I got it. But I will more than likely be going the mid-tower route again (H440 looks pretty sleek). I've never actually looked into OC'ing my GPU haha, tried with my CPU; i5 4690k a month or so back and let's just say it's no longer OC'd, I did not do well in that, but learn from mistakes ey And I'd rather you take longer to reply than give me a vague answer, cheers man:)
  13. Scan was just my first option, once I've decided what card to go on I was gonna check the market for the cheapest option on new 1070s, or wait a month or so and see if I find a price drop with the release of the 1080ti. Thank you for your help!
  14. So I've always been an MSI lover when it came to my performance hardware, I'm looking to upgrade my current GTX970 to a GTX1070, But looking at the price difference in the founders vs my usual MSI edition card, I'm a little confused for choice. I understand the MSI has a clock speed of 1632MHz and the founders 1506MHz, with boost speeds inflating at a respectable estimate of 10%. But is that and the MSI cooling really all that is different? The MSI GPU I'm going for is just under 50GBP more expensive than the Founders Edition GPU and I'd prefer to save the money if it's not worth the inflated price.