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    Intel i5-4690k
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    Patriot Viper III 2x8GB 1600MHz CL9
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    Asus RX480 Strix OC
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    Fractal Design Define C
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    Samsung 850EVO 250GB, WD10EZEX, WD30EZRZ
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    Corsair TX550m
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    LG 25" Ultrawide
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    Coolermaster Hyper 212x
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    Logitech G105
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    LG Home Theater LH-T6340
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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  1. Which one is better and why.. I am an absolute noob when it comes to audio equipment.. I am a casual gamer with a pair of Beyerdynamic COPPs... they don't really need an amp/dac, but I wanna buy one anyways in case I buy any headphones that require it in the future.. The reason why I am picking between these two is because I need Mic in..
  2. had these for 2 days.. they are amazing.. only thing i am not happy about is the clamping force.. they are very comfortable and I can wear them for hours.. they don't really cause any ache.. I just feel that pressure on my head is much higher than it was on the cloud ii's .. i ordered an amp/dac for them and for any future headsets I might buy.. Mayflower Arc.. bought it only because it has a MIc input and that DSP button seems like a really neat feature for bass boost
  3. Ugh.. I am too lazy to disassemble it.. As a temporary solution I've raised the pump RPM.. it doesn't make the ticking noise anymore.. it was like that at ~400-500 RPM.. If it starts clicking again I'll just buy a new one.. this is one pretty low-end anyways.. I'll get an Nzxt kraken or corsair h100i platinum
  4. tick.mp4 it keeps repeating every 5-10 seconds.. it is extremely annoying.. how do i fix this?
  5. I'm guessing the sound quality is better than my current headset (hyperX cloud ii).. i am not really an audophile so I probably wouldn't notice any difference between $50 & $2000 headphones.. nor do I care.. I just wanted a high quality comfortable headset for bass heads..
  6. i was suggested to buy these as well.. however they are $580 for europe.. (without an amp) way too much for my budget.. also i've heard the comfort isn't too good for them with included pads.. i ain't willing to risk that nobody sells them used where i live.. or anything from massdrop in general... massdrop isn't popular here looking forward to my COPPs
  7. i did get the COPP actually.. didn't realize there were 2 version when I wrote that reply..
  8. i ended up purchasing the COP ones.. hope I won't be disappointed.. but considering it is a beyerdynamic product I doubt I will..
  9. these seem nice.. i might get those... and buy a vmoda boom pro for my mic..
  10. ok.. can i get the 770 M instead of 770 Pro, I want the leather pads
  11. looking at these graphs it looks like the vmodas provide much better bass. https://www.rtings.com/headphones/1-2/graph#440/2037/445 also the the dt 770 don't have leather pads which is a must for me honestly.. https://www.amazon.de/beyerdynamic-Over-Ear-Studiokopfhörer-Geschlossene-kabelgebunden-professionelles/dp/B000F4KWQI/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=dt%2B770&qid=1569785827&sr=8-2&th=1 although there are 2 versions.. the monitor ones have leather pads but the studio ones don't.. which ones are better sound wise?
  12. these are my currents picks what is the difference between higher and lower resistance headphones.. do they sound better? are they louder? i will only be using them on my pc.. i have galaxy buds for my smartphone.. also these seem too cheap to be that good compared to others on my list.. can i get the dt 880 or something?
  13. the dt770 look very nice (very similar to cloud ii)... if i don't have an AMP, i should get the ones with lower resistance? I see there are both 32 Ohms and 80 Ohms..