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    Intel i5-4690k
  • Motherboard
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    Patriot Viper III 2x8GB 1600MHz CL9
  • GPU
    Asus RX480 Strix OC
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define C
  • Storage
    Samsung 850EVO 250GB, WD10EZEX, WD30EZRZ
  • PSU
    Corsair TX550m
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    LG 25" Ultrawide
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    Coolermaster Hyper 212x
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    Logitech G105
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    LG Home Theater LH-T6340
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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  1. So I've already forgotten the name once and I posted the question somewhere on the internet a few years ago and I found it.. I've played it.. I loved it.. now I can't find the forum post anymore and I can't remember the game name again. Here is what I remember about the game: Not Serious Sam, Quake, Doom, UT, but similar (except for the environment). But similar looking graphics.. The name had one word in it Played it on a PC FPS action adventure "horrorish?" game You had weapons like the one from UT (rotating 3 barrels), you had an explosive crossbow, a shotgun.. There were quite a few weapons.. The game was set in a very old ancient environment.. You were mostly fighting against weird monsters, skeletons, etc.. One of the most memorable scenes was when you were walking down the stairs there would be 2 skeletons waiting for you behind the big 2 stone piers on each side of the hallway and jumpscare attack you when you got close enough.. they would make a sound when running towards you from their bones and armor hitting against each other. There were also big boss fights in a big round open arena where there would be an cage elevator in the middle where monsters would come from.. there was also a type of monster that would keep splitting in two once you killed it...
  2. berny22

    Why SJW?

    Why are these mentally ill people getting so much attention? Why are so many people trying to please them? How did they get so popular and why are their ideologies being considered as a moral standard. I can understand there will always be sick people. But I cannot understand how did they become so popular, accepted and respected by the "normal" people?
  3. berny22

    SCUM: Have you played it yet?

    What then.. When you win over a helicopter or a base? Do you win the game? How do you finish the game? Or is it just play until you're bored...
  4. berny22

    SCUM: Have you played it yet?

    What is the final point in these games like DayZ and SCUM.. where does it end? Or do you just loot until you die? To me it seems depressive and lonely just to walk around a map collecting shiet..
  5. berny22

    Decent budget headset

    10 extra for the clouds? https://www.amazon.co.uk/HyperX-HX-HSCL-SR-NA-Gaming-Headset/dp/B01MTLMV89/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1535845058&sr=8-10&keywords=cloud+ii
  6. I just tried the velour pads.. I wore them for 15 seconds and my whole head started aching (can feel it minutes after taking them off).. absolutely terrible.. the leather is much more comfy and lighter.. Feels like I got nothing on my head..
  7. I ended up buying the Cloud II.. yeah.. kind of a weird choice after such a long time for searching.. I am currently using them.. and I am very happy with them.. I don't know how good they are since I have nothing to compare them with.. but they are on of the highest rated headphones on the internet.. they are extremely comfortable, I don't even feel them.. they look very nice and have a nice build quality.. Maybe sometime in the future I will purchase a better much more expensive headset, but this is more than enough for me rn..
  8. berny22

    Is this a good fan configuration?

    I overclocked my CPU to 4.5GHz and I max out on 80°C while running AIDA64.. but if I put it to 4.6GHz shit just goes out of control and goes all the way up to 90 on the package.. while playing games however everything is cool at below 60°C (50°C-55°C). On idle temperature is between 30°C & 40°C I have a very good GPU that absolutely never goes above 60°C even on full load after hours.. I freaking love the Gainward Phoenix series, it is so quiet even at full speed (which it never reaches anyways) and it stays really cool.. Strix, EVGA and others can't even compare to it.
  9. What about Sony XB950N1.. They are currently 55% off on amazon.de. I mean are the V-Moda ones really worth the extra $150 (double the price)? Also I will probably have to purchase the cushions (which cost $40, WTF?) because I have big ears... so uhm, basically I'll end up paying $300 for the V-Moda ones...
  10. berny22

    Is this a good fan configuration?

    There was a video uploaded by some youtuber (maybe even Linus) testing 4 different scenarios.. Top mounted (push & pull) and front mounted (push & pull) radiator. The biggest difference was between the push & pull configuration and not the position.. as you said it was 2°-3°C difference.. however, I can't mount the radiator on top anyways because my RAM is blocking it unfortunately (I've tried)... I was just wondering if the airflow and air pressure is good.. and should I add an extra exhaust fan at the top.. btw. here is the video I have an open card of course.. and it seems the front mounted is the way to go.. especially considering I have almost the same case...
  11. I have a fractal design define C.. and this is my fan configuration.. Marked with red are the fans and the airflow direction. marked green is the radiator.. marked blue is the place where I can place one more fan.. So is this a good configuration? And should I place the extra fan I have on the place I marked blue? Note: I have a Coolermaster ML240 RGB if that matters at all
  12. Do they require an AMP to get loud and sound good? Or will they work fine when I connect them to my Logitech Z623? I don't wanna stretch my budget for headphones I won't be able to use without purchasing an additional AMP and/or DAC for an additional $50-$100
  13. These seem interesting.. do these require an amp to get really loud? Also are the Custom One a better choice? I can still afford those
  14. The M50X are in my budget for example.. they are $180... I've heard good things about these.. are they a good buy for me? The V Moda ones are $240