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  1. G.Skill RAM stuck LED

    After doing some more searching it seems my SPD got corrupted by the software. To fix it I have to purchase $16 license for Thaiphoon burner so I can restore the default SPD
  2. G.Skill RAM stuck LED

    As I said I tried putting it in all available slots with and without the other working one. Changing slots doesn't fix it.. It happened once I installed MSI Mystic Light.. before that it worked.. its like the software killed the rgb module
  3. G.Skill RAM stuck LED

    I didn't use them all at once, I was just trying all software because people who had the same issue fixed it with AURA software regardless of their mbo manufacturer. I've tried reseating the ram multiple times and I've tried all possible combinations. The thing is that only one stick has the problem. I can normally control the other one.
  4. I've tried every software (ASUS Aura, MSI Mystic Light, G.SKILL). I've tried reinstalling windows with a complete reformat. I've tried putting the RAM in each DIMM slot. I've tried resetting and updating BIOS. The LED is still stuck at the uglies red which kills my whole blue and white theme. Please help me.. what else can I try? This happened once I installed MSI MysticLight.. it bugged and wouldn't go back.
  5. G.SKILL RAM RGB Bugged

    I can still only control one of the RAM modules.. The other one is still stuck at half red.. Even when I removed the other module and put the broken one in the slot the working one was it i still stuck at red... EDIT: I finally got ASUS software to work.. but it can't access the one stuck RAM module either...
  6. G.SKILL RAM RGB Bugged

    I can not believe a software can fuck something up so hard. I'm literally clue less. I've tried absolutely everything. I've tried AURA, it won't even start, just stops responding as soon as I start it.. G.SKILL software that used to work, no longer detects my RAM sticks, it says no RGB modules found.. and now even after a full reformat and installing fresh windows the problem persists.. I've tried taking out the RAM.. sticking just one module in each slot.. tried leaving my PC with no power for an hour.. nothing helps.. one ram stick is stuck at red color and the other is doing the rainbow effect.. wtf is going on.. I can't believe mystic light could fuck it up so bad.. jesus christ..
  7. they don't really wiggly easily you have to apply force to move them and they don't move much... also I've just noticed G Skill software no longer detects the RAM.. i've done RAM stress testing and they work just fine.. I can play GTA V without any problems...
  8. So I was just finished installing my new AIO cooler and I did a test run before doing cable management and connecting RGB.. it was all working fine.. after connecting the RGB and doing the cables I put everything together and tried turning on my PC.. it was boot looping.. like very fast.. it would stay turned on for like 1 or 2 seconds.. not the usual 3-5 seconds I had before.. I shit my pants.. I disconnected absolutely everything but the m.2 ssd, cpu and RAM.. the pc booted normally.. I put everything back in (HDD, GPU, SSD etc.) and the pc booted normally. I thought all my problems were done... I re did the cable management put one of the side panels back on, turned on my pc again.. everything working fine.. last step.. put the last side panel on (the one that gives you access to the mbo) do a little bump to slide the side panel all the way in, pc freezes.. wtf? ok so my pc just frooze when I bumped.. did I break something? Ok, lets try again.. restart the pc.. bump it gently a few times.. it freezes.. troubleshooting time... i wiggle every cable (SATA, gpu & cpu power, cpu pump, fan connectors, usb, etc.), every part (GPU, CPU, m.2 ssd) nothing causes the freeze.. I give it a gentle bump it goes to hell.. Again I disconnect all the devices and retry it, the pc still freezes.. now I tried softly touching the RAM sticks, and there you go.. it freezes instantly as soon as I slightly move the RAM while it is in the slot. ok so I tried putting each stick in each slot (all the possible combinations) but the freeze still occures, and yes I obviously reseated the RAM a hundred times and there is no gaps and the ram slides in perfectly and it clicks when I seat it.. So what is going on? Did I break my RAM slots are they lose or something? I'm currently typing this on the PC that is running completely normal on low temps.. I can play games and whatever, but as soon as I bump my pc (the RAM) my PC freezes... and sometimes I get BSOD with random messages.. once it was just STOP 0x00000101, one time it was IRQL GT ZERO...
  9. Anyone with spare DDR3?

    https://downloadmoreram.com/download.html It works in the EU.. don't know about US tho.. doesn't hurt to try.. pls don't hate me for making the old stupid joke
  10. Is this pixel dead or stuck? And can I fix it?

    Well I got my money back and I immediately ordered a "cheap" $150 IPS display from LG.. I will never make the mistake of buying a TN monitor again..
  11. Is this a good RAM overclock?

    I thought latency is more important than speed.. which one is more important for adobe premiere tho?
  12. G.SKILL RAM RGB Bugged

    reinstalled windows that is not gonna happen.. but from what you're saying it seems to me that MSI leaves some configuration file on your current installation of Window even after you uninstall it.. so I just have to find it.. i've tried going through the Registry, ProgramData, AppData but couldn't find any traces of it..
  13. Is this a good RAM overclock?

    xmp is for some reason faster in benchmarks doesn't make much sense..
  14. I couldn't find any RAM in the market that had a frequency of 3200MHz and latency 13-14-14-32 with command rate 1.. so I'm guessing this is a good overclock? I didn't touch the other timings tho.. because I have no idea how low or high they can go.. and if they even matter that much... And it is better than my XMP?
  15. So basically I can't control either of the RAM stick RGB LEDs anymore.. one of the sticks is static red and the other one is doing the rainbow effect.. This happened after I installed MSI MysticLight.. now even after uninstalling both programs, restarting my PC and trying each of the programs they're still stuck and uncontrolable.. help It looks disgusting...