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  1. Agreed, it's very overpriced where I am. A brand new S8+ is around $700 though, and an S9+ is over $900. Thank you all for the info btw.
  2. Hey guys, I recently broke my Samsung S8+ screen and am looking to replace it. However, where I am, this will cost me around $600 NZD. I also have the option of buying the Huawei Nova 3i which would get me a brand new phone for less than replacing my old screen ($450ish). I have been using the S8+ for a couple of years and I have nothing but good things to say about it. I would rather keep it, have a better resolution screen and IP68 resistance, but what do you think? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey, just wondering if the U3477PQU is a good quality ultrawide 1440p 34" monitor and if it would run well with a single GTX 980Ti