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  1. Xyrock

    Samsung CJG or CFG70

    Hi. As stated in title im in a dilemma currently. In my state there is a sale going for the SAMSUNG CJG 32 inch 144hz display for 300e But the SAMSUNG CFG 27 inch 144hz has quantum dot technology and costs 400e. Which one should i pick? CJG has 2k resolution without freesync and quantum dot Which one should i pick? CFG has 1080p, freesync and quantum dot Currently im not sure about the whole freesync because i am Upgrading from a 60hz samsung monitor so i probably wont feel the difference on freesync? quantum dot sounds and looks nice though, 2k is necessary when i upgrade my 980ti to a better one... i need help
  2. Xyrock

    Need help choosing 144hz Monitor!

    is the ACER XF270HB good? i might just forget the damn curved and go for acer
  3. Yo! currently i have bought AOC c27g1 which was beautiful, but was later refunded because of dead pixel, then i had acer kg24 which was not so good looking, but was ok and response time was great, but later refunded because dead pixel again. Then i bought Lenovo Legion which was refunded too because of broken button. THEN i bought Samsung c27jg which doesnt have freesync but was curved and good looking so i thought why not, but this time i didnt go straight home and went to the stores fixing department and told them to check for any defects before i go home with this. Later found out that it had several dead pixels and i was done with that store. I found an c32jg50 samsung which is now in sale for 300e (normally 420e here). is there any other good monitors that are good quality or curved etc etc?
  4. Xyrock

    Need help for upcoming pc build

    seems like pcpartpicker is a dream site for builders thanks!
  5. Xyrock

    Need help for upcoming pc build

    i see... thank you for your info, where can i find which motherboards are x399?
  6. Hi! im gonna get a new pc soon as blackfriday hits. Currently looking at the rtx 2070 which comes soon -amd ryzen threadripper 1920x for rendering / video making -32gigs o ram -compatible motherboard. Other components i can probably get without help, what motherboard supports the newest cards and is there difference on what ddr4 ram to get? also for future builds, how do i see which motherboards are compatible to which cpu's and rams?
  7. Xyrock

    Need Help with Laptop Wifi

    as i said. troubleshoot it every godamn time. i have no idea how to fix that. watched some guides saying install a different driver on the wifi, but doesnt seem to work
  8. Xyrock

    Need Help with Laptop Wifi

    Hi! i own a asus rog g702vs or something that line, and it has windows 10 installed. Everytime i connect to a wifi, theres a yellow waring sign on the wifi and no internet connection. What i need to do EVERYTIME is troubleshoot the wifi and it resets something and it works. How do i make it do automatically? this is quite stupid to do it everytime
  9. Xyrock

    Upgrade ATH M50 (Old versio)

    Yo. Very soon there will be a Mass sale in my area for hifi and im thinking if its good to upgrade my current ATH M50 for new ones. The ones that are on sale are: PARROT ZIK 3.0 AKG N60NC are they any good for upgrade? Please let me know.
  10. Xyrock

    old ATH M50 Amp/dac

    Fulla 2 right now it is then hoping to rip some good sounds off of this thing. thanks for advices @Dackzy and @kmathieu2220!
  11. Xyrock

    old ATH M50 Amp/dac

    well i was thinking of upgrading around 5-7 years from now... the same time i upgrade my pc still recommend that route?
  12. Xyrock

    old ATH M50 Amp/dac

    After looking at those "Stacks", i think i rather have one brick @ my table. is it preferrable to get fulla2 or the 300buck one?
  13. Xyrock

    old ATH M50 Amp/dac

    well i mean i will eventually upgrade these m50, since they are starting to wear down (I use them everyday). was thinking of just 1 box on my desk, but if the "Stack" is very nice, i will consider getting it.
  14. Xyrock

    old ATH M50 Amp/dac

    i though we were talking about modi 2, Magni 3, and fulla 2
  15. Xyrock

    old ATH M50 Amp/dac

    i mean they cost they same, literally. which one should i get? unless there is a X brand that we havent talked about yet?