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    United States
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    PC Gaming, PC building, PC Setups, TV Shows, Movies, Music, and spending time with family and friends.


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    Intel Pentium G4400
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    MSI Z170A Krait Gaming 3X
  • RAM
    Avexir Core Series 8Gb (2 x 4GB) DDR4 2400
  • Case
    NZXT S340
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    Sandisk SSD Plus 120GB 2.5"
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    Corsair CX430
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    Samsung 1080p 40" Smart TV
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    Rosewill 120mm Red LED Fan
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    Corsair K70
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    Corsair M65
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    Windows 8.1
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  1. ran Memtest86 for two hours, no errors
  2. when my computer wakes up from a shutdown, it bluescreens, restarts and then its fine. This does not occur when waking up from sleep. Theres two different stop codes I get. Sometimes its STOP CODE: WINDOWS SERVICE EXCEPTION and other times its MEMORY MANAGEMENT. So far I've updated my GPU Driver, ran the SFC SCAN which came out clean, CHKDSK which came out clean and Windows MEMORY DIAGNOSTIC TOOL which came out clean. Specs: Last time I posted this someone requested the minidump files so here you go: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Amp5t6OwOYnJ0nsq0ur9NtvtliKA REWARD: your time is way very valuable and I can never repay you for it so your reward would be my Gratitude and ill buy you anything around $5 Im on WIN 10 PRO 64 BIT (OS Build 17134.765) CPU: i5 7600k GPU: GTX 970 MOBO: GIGABYTE h110 D3a MEMORY: AVEXIR 2400 MHz DDR4 8GB (4 x 2) STORAGE: SANDISK 120 GB SSD, WD 500 GB HDD, TOSHIBA 500GB HDD PSU: Corsair CX 430
  3. Earlier had a blue screen, which is common as it restarts once and then it’s fine. This time it was at 100% and not turning off so I shut off the psu. Try turning it on again and when I press the power button, it goes into this loop where the less and fans spin for a split second then turn off. And they turn on again every 3 seconds for a split second then turn off again. I’ve tried the paper clip method of testing the psu and the fans and lights were on. pentium g4560 msi z170 Krait 3x 4x2 (8gb ram) corsair cx 430 watt psu ive been using these components for a year and this has never happened before, please help
  4. ItsDanish

    BIOS help for msi Z170, i3 8100

    found this: https://www.win-raid.com/t3483f16-Fixing-PCI-Express-for-Coffee-Lake-CPUs-on-Sky-Kaby-Lake-non-Asrock-and-some-new-Asrock-motherboards.html#msg48580 Currently stuck on step 3
  5. hey i've got a i3 8100 still in the box and im wanna put it in my msi z170 krait 3x motherboard which currently has a pentium g4560. I know theres no official bios by msi that would let me do that, does anyone know what tweaks i need to make to this msi mobo that this guy did here: https://community.hwbot.org/topic/175489-asrock-z170-mocf-lives-on-coffee-lake-mods/ I know you have to connect two pads as shown in the picture, I need help with the BIOS as most people who've done it, did it on an ASROCK H110 mobo. I aware of the risk of bricking hardware and won't hold you responsible for it. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  6. thanks for taking the time to help a poor soul
  7. how would I go about doing that?
  8. Partition ### Type Size Offset ------------- ---------------- ------- ------- Partition 1 Primary 445 GB 1024 KB Partition 2 Recovery 450 MB 445 GB Partition 3 Primary 19 GB 446 GB
  9. It wont let me delete the middle one (450MB Healthy Recovery Partition)
  10. no I got it yesterday from a friend and theres nothing on it. Notice how the expand volume button is grayed out, idk whats up with that
  11. Most of my steam games are doing this except call of duty mw3 and deathmatch classic. CSGO, Portal, insurgency, rocket league all quit a few seconds after launch. So far I've tried verifying game files, deleted and re downloading steam and games, restarting my pc, disabling my anti virus, running as admin, and nothing seems to work.
  12. I want to merge these three sections into one but nothing on youtube is working, please help if you know what to do. this is a hdd I added to my pc yesterday so theres nothing on it so theres no worries about losing data, I just dont want to see one hard drive as three mini hard drive sections.
  13. I need a motherboard that can oc a i5 2500k but all the ones on ebay are like 300$, any mobos 100$ or less?
  14. I'm downloading a large file right now so I leave the computer on and go do other stuff while its downloading, My brother would pause the download on my computer because it's making his internet a little slower too. is there a way I can lock the computer while the download continues in the background?