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  1. Currently im using Sennheiser HD599, with TEAC A-HO1 USB DAC Amplifier with motherboard Gigabtye z390 master for mostly Gaming planning to upgrade my headphones to about $400 - 500 price point was looking at either Sennheiser HD 650 or the Sennheiser HD660s are they any better headphones for gaming / music at the same price point? if not which of the sennheiser i should go for? thanks!
  2. is msi gaming triox 2080ti seems to do well in techpowerup website
  3. Hi im building a pc for gaming specs : i9 9900k z390 mobo 2080ti 32gb ram samsung 970 evo plus m.2 cpu cooler: noctua dh15 psu : unknown pc case : unknown for mobos im planning to buy price range for either asus z390 hero, gigabyte aorus hero or msi Ace for 2080tis gpc , same price range - evga ftw3 , msi gaming trio x, asus strix, i assume all these 3 gpu is about the same price range? which of these are the best in its price range? the mobo and gpu additional help: if possible please recommend a good psu to fully proof my computer and a nice pc case. thank you
  4. im looking to buy a motherboard, im buying the i9 9900k price point is around asus hero, but im loooking for the best motherboard with the best price point. thanks
  5. I assume EVGA 2080ti Ftw3, Asus2080ti Strix, Msi 2080ti Gaming trioX are all in the same price range? if so out of all these 3 models which is better?
  6. Which 2080ti should i go for? dont need any RGB lights, dont need liquid cooling on the gpu. which 2080ti is currently the best brand at the moment i should go for?
  7. this should be the right way to do a clean windows 10 install right? this is install (not reset)? not sure the difference after that install drivers?
  8. Thank you, i bought asus ux433 btw do i need to install drivers? i bought the laptop and it straight bring me to windows installation , after that i could boot into windows but do i need to install drivers?
  9. thanks! can Asus Zenbook UX331F-ALEG010T or the Lenovo Yoga S730 81J0005LMJ / 81J0005KMJ play fortnite? dont mind if it lowest settings.
  10. Thank you so much!! is the list updated? jan 2019? btw wheres a good place in malaysia to buy from? lowyat (viewnet)?
  11. i guess regular laptop is fine? ultrabook is fine too
  12. is there a different between ultrabook and regular laptop. mostly going to watch netflix , browsing the internet alot, maybe log in fortnite to purchase in game item but thats about it, wont be gaming on it. mostly taking these laptop for travelling purposes
  13. malaysia, maybe about 2 hours, display size between 13-15inch low srgb on the keyboard is fine, non upgradable ram is fine too. weight light weight im not sure the average laptop weight, but im looking for at least not more than 3.2kg? i dont know if thats heavy
  14. First time buying a laptop for travelling purposes, looking for a laptop around the $800 price range. only found a laptop that was similiar to what i need is Dell XPS 13 (9380) things im looking for - hdmi port, fast loading times for browsing the internet to watch netflix, light weight i guess, since is mostly for travelling. things im not looking for - flashy lights around the keyboard and webcam is not needed.