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  1. chuckh89

    acer x34 - no compromise after all?

    I would assume you are referring to the X34 Predator,... Don't know the exact r-rating, but less than 2000 definitely not above,.... The Acer XR341 CK was not as curved as a Ben Q XR3501 (2000 r-rating) in a side by side comparison,....The X34 will have the same frame, and stand. This is straight off the Nvidia site: ]> G-SYNC and regular monitors can be mixed in Surround; effects of G-SYNC will only be seen on G-SYNC- enabled monitors
  2. chuckh89

    acer x34 - no compromise after all?

    I sent that monitor back when I committed to Nvidia cards for my build (Yikes! Who wants Electrical Tape on their +$1,000 monitor),...I love my 404k....You could give me a X34 Predator, and I would still use the 404k instead...
  3. chuckh89

    acer x34 - no compromise after all?

    Sorry, I cannot provide any photos of the Acer XR341 CK Back light bleeding....(No Camera,..And currently I don't even have a camera phone...Long story!) But, I would describe it as more than light,...almost moderate! Go on NewEgg, and view the comments and you'll see I wasn't the only one to think so... It Is a beautifully constructed monitor,...But I am abandoning ship on the Acer X34 and changing my priorities for my gaming setup! I have been waiting a long time to complete a P.C. gaming setup, and after years of saving, putting things off because of Technological restrictions, etc...I actually feel comfortable with my decision! 4K gaming is good enough for me,...and as long as I can stably play the game titles I love at that resolution,...I am satisfied! To give you a update on the Multi-Monitor setup....And my dilemma to go with AMD or Nvidia for a GPU to power these monitors - This was the contact at Nvidia's response... "I understand from your email that you would like to know if there can be different orientations and combinations of displays supported by NVIDIA Surround. I apologize for any inconvenience caused, but NVIDIA Surround will only work either in Landscape or in Portrait, a combination of both cannot be setup. Also the monitors need to be of the same size and resolutions as well." So, I was right! My multi-monitor freedom would be compromised by sticking with Nvidia.... Let's say you have a Acer XB270 HU which is one of the most cutting edge Gaming Monitors currently available 27" G-Sync IPS (144 Hz).....Great Monitor!! NOW....all the Nvidia Multi-Monitor guys are Drooling because the X34 Predator is coming out SOON!! Ultimate Gaming Setup!!!....XB270 HU (Which many gamers already own) in the center,....AND Two X34s one to each side (almost exactly the same height),......Unbelievable,....RIGHT!! ~NOPE!!!!! Nvidia's "Surround" can't deal with different sizes, and aspect ratios,...Plus you would be shelling out over $3,000 in monitors! Forget it! Stable gaming at 4k (60 Hz) on three 40' inch(16:9) was the final decision for $1500 -1800.00 I bought a Crossover 404k,....And side by side,....It blew the XR341 CK out of the water! P.S I did eventually stick with Nvidia in spite of their prehistoric software because all three screens with be exactly the same.
  4. chuckh89

    acer x34 - no compromise after all?

    I hope it doesn't look like the top version on that link (Bezels are thicker),....I would assume it will look identical to the XR341 CK. I have the FreeSync model and it is beautiful EXCEPT for one BIG thing...a lot of back light bleed (I have a feeling this will be the main complaint about the X34 also,.... This model is not going to be sticking around,....I need the G-Sync! Question: Does Nvidia support more than one aspect for "Surround"? Would it support a a large central monitor at 16:9, and then two of these 21:9's on each side...?? I am almost positive you can't combine Landscape and Portrait orientations in your setup...Right?? I guess this is one area (Mixed Rotation Eyefinity) you could "clearly' give a advantage to AMD.
  5. chuckh89

    Acer xr341cka or Acer z35 or wait?

    Yeah, I missed that...Still a discrepancy because they because they say,...23-80 Hz on Amazon,...and the 144 Hz Monitors Website edited at 30-100 Hz....Whatever,..They both confirm 100Hz with G-Sync. (End of story),....The Free-Sync stays at 75 or 80 Hz standard Max,...with no jump when Free-Sync is used,....WOW! I would say that is probably why they are discounted on New Egg,...Once the G-Syncs arrive....Who is going to buy one?? I know these monitors aren't designed to be used independently as your total primary entertainment center, But when your spending that much money it would be nice to use it for T.V. Movies, etc. I have experienced T.V. on the LG's 34UM95 and the "Squished" screen doesn't really make for a pleasurable experience. If you have 2 stacked monitors (or in a perfect world - 4 screens) does that "Squished" appearance go away, and give you a experience that is similar to a Big Screen T.V. (But, with Bezels,..of Course)?
  6. chuckh89

    Acer xr341cka or Acer z35 or wait?

    Not sure how reliable that source is,...?? Acer Service Team responded to questions about the Refresh rates on Amazon,... "The refresh rate for this monitor (XR341CK) and the XR341CKA is a maximum of 75 Hz" http://www.amazon.com/Acer-XR341CK-bmijpphz-34-inch-UltraWide/dp/B0111MRT90/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1437800745&sr=1-1&keywords=Acer+XR341CKA#Ask I have a HUGE dilemma right now,...I have been waiting for these monitors (or similar for a long time), and scheduled my PC build for their arrival,...I committed to everything but a GPU, and a monitor.....I am a lifetime Nvidia guy, and I know this is not the time to jump to AMD,....BUT if I can get this monitor for $1,000 (Freesync),...it's really tempting to jump ship,....Every G-Sync (X34) costs near $1600 if you can find one,...And I would imagine it will be a long time before those prices drop!! Advice..???