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  1. I just built my pc a few months ago and everything was running smooth until recently it has started powering off for no reason randomly. I have been monitoring GPU and CPU temps and they're well under 85 C at any given point. CPU, GPU, RAM and Disk usage all are as they are normally. Nothing seems to be really off about anything that runs on the PC. I suspect it's my PSU (CoolerMaster MWE 550W, 80+ White) but it's really weird that it would do this as my 1.1kVA UPS seems to be functioning well and nothing else seems to be affected thats connected to the UPS. The PSU fan was turning around slowly when i looked at it but PSU fans usually spin at a low speed at low usage i think. After the power off happens there are no error messages or no Safe Boot in windows or anything like that. The PC runs again as if nothing happened when I turn it on again. The only thing I can think of is if my PSU is damaged in any way but that's highly unlikely since I've been using this PC everyday ever since I built it and nothing of note has ever happened before. Any help regarding this would be appreciated
  2. Resolve has been reported to have good SLI scaling
  3. I would shy away from AMD GPUs for now as they have well known driver and BIOS issues. Getting an nvidia card will also help you record/stream using NVENC which takes no system resources. In my opinion you should go for a 2060Super or above.
  4. Hello, My friend is planning to build a new PC, mainly for editing and he uses Davinci Resolve. CPU: 3900x GPU: 2x 2070Supers in SLI I suggested that he should should go for a single GPU of the next tier, like the 2080 Super and a 3950x instead. But, he claims that his work in Resolve will require 2 2070supers in SLI (10-15 Minute videos with a lot of effects on the timeline and a lot of fusion work or whatever heavy features Resolve offers; 4k30-4k60fps recordings). I do not think that his work will require that much GPU overhead as most youtubers and content creators seem to be fine with a 3950x/3900x and a single GPU. Is it worth it to get 2 GPUs if the main use case is Resolve? (Most youtubers I see use Premier) Thanks
  5. Oh damn :(, Thanks for checking that. I can't really afford to change my RAM right now, would it be any good If I send a message to the motherboard support? I have already updated my bios to the latest one that includes ram support.
  6. I recently got a pc and have been having issues while booting where I'd have to replace the cmos battery every time to get it to boot. I finally found out that XMP was the thing causing the motherboard to not post. My rig: https://valid.x86.fr/c7zvsw. If I turn XMP on the PC actually works and it's detected as 2933mhz but if I shutdown and turn it back on it wouldn't boot. I tried updating bios and windows, didn't really help. I couldn't find anything useful on youtube where usually XMP causes crashes whereas in my case it works perfectly until the next boot. Any help regarding this would be appreciated Thank you.
  7. I have gt730 with me. Do I have to reinstall all the drivers?
  8. Yeah I've done that multiple times, and the motherboard only has one pcie slot.
  9. Hi, I recently bought a new PC and it runs fine but there's an issue while turning it on. If I turn it off for a long enough time and then try to start with the hdmi cable plugged into the GPU, all the fans spin on full speed but nothing posts on the screen. If I turned on the pc without the cable plugged in, it boots and goes to a normal fan speed. Then I can restart and plug in my hdmi and it works fine until the next time it's turned off for a long time. If I take out and put the cmos battery back in, it also makes the computer boot but bios settings are reset. I tried updating the bios but that didn't change anything. Any help would be appreciated. Specs: - r5 3600 stock - gtx 1660 - 2x8gb G.Skill Ripjaws V 2933mhz cl16 - gigabyte b450m ds3h (bios vF42b) - windows 10 pro (v1093) - 480gb ssd and 1tb hdd
  10. Hello, I recently got myself a new gaming computer but there is this weird CMOS Issue. My rig: - Gigabyte B450m DS3H (Running BIOS ver F41) - Ryzen 5 3600 (Running at stock, I just have ryzen master installed) - Asus TUF 1660 Gaming OC - G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x8 (Running XMP at 2933Mhz, Stable) - Windows 10 Pro (ver 1903) - 1TB Seagate Barracuda + 480GB Kingston A400 The computer works completely fine and everything is stable, I'm getting the performance I'm supposed to get from such a system comparing it to benchmarks. The weird Issue is that whenever I turn on the PC after a long time; like when I go to sleep; all the fans spin but nothing posts, there's no output. I have to take out my GPU, take out the CMOS Battery and then put it back in after a minute for the computer to post again. Once the PC is back on, everything works fine and I just have to turn XMP back on. I tried using another CMOS Battery (I'm not sure if this ones good either) but the same issue persists. Any help regarding this would be appreciated. I got this gaming PC after years of waiting and it's just really sad to see such an issue with a new motherboard. Thank you.
  11. I'm planning to get a Ryzen 5 3600 for my next build and choosing a mobo seems to be pretty hard. The B450 Tomahawk seems like a good choice for the 3600 but It only supports upto 3466Mhz RAM (I was planning to get the G.Skill Ripjaws 3600Mhz since its the best frequency for gaming with a ryzen 3rd gen) and can't use precision boost 2 (pairing it with an AIO) which can be useful since I have never overclocked anything manually. Is it worth it to spend the extra money and getting an x570 motherboard for 3600Mhz/Precision Boost 2 or any other features? Any suggestions for good cheap motherboards would be helpful. Thank you.
  12. 2400MHZ , 3000Mhz ones are too expensive here
  13. Hello, Im planning to build a budget gaming pc with the following specs- CPU : Ryzen 5 2600 SSD : WD Green 240GB M.2 HDD: WD Barracuda 2TB RAM: 2x 8GB DDR4 Case: Corsair Spec-04 TG GPU : GTX 1060 6gb / GTX 1070 8GB I need a PSU that can fit inside that case & supports upto a 1070 and also a good cheap mobo Please do tell if you guys have any suggestions for the build as well Thank you P.S : I live in India and the budget is about USD$800 total Already have monitor and peripherals
  14. Thank you but i already got the CPU.