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  1. Ya it does that. For whatever reason it can't tell the 56 and 64 apart. Same with the 580/570 and 480/470. That's one of the reasons GPUz is required. One of these days I'll update the scoreboard... travel hasn't been helping.
  2. Because Extreme shaders. 4K optimized uses a different shader profile that is a lot easier to run.
  3. Dang, that might be slightly faster than my VII... Is that with a water block?
  4. I see GPUz isn't reading the clocks yet for the 5700. Any idea what core clock you were running at?
  5. @clb92 I need a screenshot of GPUz with your score so I can put you on the board
  6. Some new old stock Model F boards... Time to outfit the F122s with brand new springs and flippers and keycaps.
  7. It's a good question. Generally when I hear "optimizations" I think they mean they cut out unnecessary features. I'd bet that the RDNA architecture has a lot less of the compute/workstation features that makes Vega so versatile. Though with RDNA you get the strong IPC uplifts I guess. AMD did say at one of their last shows that they would still be using the Vega architecture in workstation cards going forward, and that RDNA would be focused on the gaming market. I take that as the support for Vega won't stop for a while. Hopefully they will enable some of the Vega features that we haven't seen yet (like rapid packed math) whenever the RDNA cards start to show up since they support them as well. I'm curious how well the 5700 chips will OC too. Tweaking on the VII is fun already and it looks like the regular 5700 will be a strong overclocker. Could be fun just on it's own.
  8. To be fair, I cleaned and restored both so they weren't that nice looking when I originally got them. Generally speaking, unless things are physically broken, these clean up really well. This is how dirty the barrel plate was originally...
  9. And another F122... the deal was just too good to pass up.
  10. It basically doesn't use any cpu power so multithreading isn't super necessary. I think there's a slight advantage to higher cpu clocks, but realistically it doesn't care. It's all about the gpu here.
  11. Been doing some tinkering on my F122. Switched a pristine set of one-piece caps on from my F AT as well as some stems for the non-alpha keys from a donor Model M I had lying around (to fix some scratchy keys). The one-piece caps made a huge difference in the sound, more so than I had expected.
  12. Well I broke down and bought a Radeon VII gold edition. Not really planning to do any serious OC attempts right now, so for now here's just some basic tweaking in Wattman.
  13. Also, I'm pretty sure 2362mhz is the fastest core clock we've had on superposition.
  14. Damn! I'm glad someone finally beat that old Fury crossfire score. Too bad crossfire isn't supported on the vii... I'd imagine yours is one of, if not, the best vii scores in the world. The unigine leaderboard is only for people that purchased a license so it's not comprehensive.
  15. Ya that's weird. It sounds like some sort of software issue, but trying to pinpoint that is so difficult. I've had similar problems with multiple nvidia cards and it eventually gets fixed with some manner of updates and reinstalling of programs... generally after I'm already super pissed off. Having said that, even if it's a software problem and it can't be solved through the normal methods I'd still return it. You shouldn't have to go through hell to make a brand new product work correctly.
  16. The first step I would take is to use DDU and fully clean your drivers off, then reinstall them. I know it sounds dumb and like it shouldn't relate, but I've had my Nvidia drivers cause similar issues in the past. If that doesn't fix it, I'd be returning the card. The 2080ti already has a reputation of being unreliable (I had to return mine as well) and the likelihood of your PSU having an issue supplying power seems pretty low.