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  1. It will be hard to rma for me becaause i need my computer, what happens if i leave it as it is. Currently the psu is facing upwards and getting a bit of air from the eraser sized vent and a couple holes. There are 2 fans at the front of the case for airflow. Would it be safe to keep it like this?
  2. Would it void my warranty or stop me from sending it back?
  3. I still have the option to send it back to newegg and get another one. Should i just do that?
  4. Sorry, first time on a forum. Just joined the master race.
  5. I have a: 4690k Gigabyte Z97-HD3 GTX 960 4GB asus Strix WD Blue 1 tb Gskill ares 8gb 1600 cx500 s340 enermax ets-t40
  6. I have 2 fans in the fron of the case. I tried shaking the power supply i'll turn it on and do a stress test. It is loudest under load. Took my headphones off for a second while playing arkham knight and the sound scared me so much
  7. So I just made my first build. My power supply is a cx500 by corsair and my case is the S340 by NZXT. As you know the case block most of the top part of the PSU. When I turn my power supply fan facing the bottom I hear a lot of banging and noise but when the fan is faced up there is no noise at all. Obviously all the airflow is provided by a rectangle the size slightly bigger than a 24 pin connector. What should i do? Will I have enough airflow if the fan is facing up? #firepole