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  1. so im new to this area, and the realm of building pcs in general. so i just bought and assembled this pc: xfx r9 290/fx 6300/8 gb of crucial ballistics sport/ asus m5a78l mobo/windows 8/500 watt psu. and so when its all together, i turn it on, and i just kinda in the bios only set the date and time. after that i just go with the default stuff. i went through the windows whole start up process, and it was all fine, until this error occured. "the display drivers have stopped working and has recovered" so this keeps happening every few mins. it either goes blue, then comes back in a few seconds, or it goes into a full on reboot, closing every program, and the other stuff that one would expect a reeboot to do. i even have to enter my pcs password. i switched the memory to different slots, and that didnt work. so long description of problem aside, could someone from the community please help me? ps i went to amds website, clicked on auto detect, for the drivers, and i downloaded all that more that once. plz hlp i am skared