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  1. I got the asus rog z490 E-gaming and i9-10850 and gpu the rtx 3080 The memory is the last part i need to decide on. Storage will be carry over, cooling/psu/case i know what to get, just need to go to the store and get it. Btw the 2x16 option would not be for expanding to buy 2x 2x16 kits most likely. I do notice there is a 2x32 kit for a similar price, but is 4x16 (3200mhz) gonna be the same as a 2x32 (3200mhz)?
  2. So im getting a new pc together, already got some parts ordered like the rtx 3080. But for the memory i'm doubting what the effects are of the memory speed. I saw a vid from Jayz2cents a few months ago about it that it did have some effect, but less if you're running higher resolutions and i am running 4k monitors. For cpu i got i9-10850k and memory i saw some corsair at 3200mhz that seems to be good value. Should i spend a bit more and go 3600mhz? Also im planning to get 4x16gb sticks, but i do notice buying the same memory 2x16 (and buying it twice) can save like 30 bucks over the 4x16 kit. Will this make a difference? *is it worth keeping the timings in mind, or does this have very little effect?
  3. Plans to upgrade my pc with the coming RTX 30 series. And i'm looking for a new monitor to go along but i barely find whats available. You google 4k 144hz and get 1440p monitors in the list Im looking for a 4k 144hz monitor. Nothing over 32inch and no widescreens Would like gsync and local dimming too. Would like to keep price below 1500, atm i think asus pg27uq is the best option which i see for 800 online. A shame its missing local dimming but i guess that rumored asus pg27uqx is staying a rumor If anyone knows the current market, options around. Or maybe a store/website were i can compare the monitors. That would be highly appreciated
  4. So after watching their latest vid, i was a bit disappointed. It felt more like a review of the LG 950 then anything else. I'm planning to buy an rtx 3080(ti) when it gets released and want to upgrade my monitor too. Atm im running a 4k monitor with gsync but at 60hz as main screen. Since i dont want to go down in resolution, I'm looking for a 4k 120+hz monitor with gsync. (no ultrawides, normal 4k) (pref HDR too) Atm i know of 3 brands producing set monitors, Asus/Acer and now LG. I'm mainly wondering what Asus is even doing lately, For over a year their are rumors of the PG27UQX, basically the same monitor then the PG27UQ but with more local dimming zones, but when is it coming? The problem i find looking at these monitors, there are so many features that comparing them is a mess. And is there a monitor (like the PG27UQX if it ever gets made) getting released soon thats worth waiting for?
  5. Hey, A friend of mine his PC has been acting up lately. The last week to 2 weeks, his PC was starting to have problems starting up. Giving the message, 'no boot device', if he retried restarting his PC the 2nd or 3th time it actually booted normally. Now his PC is taking a long time to post, like around 30 sec and afterwards gets the message, 'no boot device'. Tried it multiple times but to no avail. My initial thoughts were SSD is starting to fail, but long post time normally mean CMOS or maybe PSU? But i dont see a relation between both issues. He lives around 100miles away and I'm planning to go see him tomorrow so want to be as informed as possible and get a good idea of what to try.
  6. Rig name: Cause 16gb wasnt enough Cpu: Intel i7-6700K Gpu: EVGA 980Ti ClassifiedRam: 32gbScore: 11 My previous PC Cpu: Intel i5-3570KGpu: Nvidea GTX 680 (prob MSI)Ram: 16gbScore: 1.4
  7. I would like to enter for the Excalibur v2 keyboard I had a g19 and then due extended problems with my Logitech headset and battling their support for 6 to 9 months they finally gave my a different product so I wanted a G710+ keyboard, but im from Belgium and we have our own Azerty layout which most manufacturer's stop making and only provide the French Azerty layout. So I asked for a Qwerty so i could swap to the universal layout and not get *screwed over by unsupported layouts anymore. Unfortunately they send the French layout and since i didnt explicit repeat that in the last response i gave them and was already annoyed enough after 6 months of conflict with them I ignored it and plan to swap to Qwerty on the next keyboard I get/receive. Also as a programmer the layout of certain symbols on Qwerty like mainly () <> : ; is just better.
  8. Kova, not so much for myself, (i got logitech g700s and happy with it) but my brother, he's a leftie so an ambidextrous mouse is kinda a must for him.
  9. oh i'll have to check that, i know the processor was an i7 920 with a gigabyte (think u3hd from almost 6 years ago) motherboard, the memory brand/specifics i dont remember at all. And some crappy gpu, it used to have 4870x2 but replaced it with an even older one when that broke. But not gaming or anything on that. But those issues arent they just related to memory? The system ran fine till a little while ago. But is there a way i can test the memory without restarting it (with remote access) so i dont have to move monitor and stuff around?
  10. Hey, On an older pc I installed windows server 2008r2 a long time ago. Thought it would be handy to install server software on since i do some webdesign and using it as some external storage and other tasks too. Recently i noticed it running slower and when i checked memory its over 90% usage which is causing it to run slower. But if i look in Task manager (showing processes of all users) i only count like 2-2.5 in use. Also if I check in resource manager I see the same numbers. I also noticed 2 other strange things that happened. If i kill sqlserver process (which should only use 750mb following task and resource manager) it frees up 40% almost, so it's freeing up 1.5gb. And the other strange thing i noticed is in the resource manager (tab memory) the 3rd graph (hard errors) is spiking up to max even (like avg 25-30 I guess). Is this an indication my memory might be corrupt or is this cause its transferring data from the memory towards the hard drive since its at +90% Been thinking of doing a memtest, but can i test the memory without rebooting? There is no screen attached to it (remote control) and then i have to move a lot around.
  11. Well its pretty fine, forgot to note that i'm from europe so count in euro's. But still Mediamarkt is selling it for 650€ which is still only 740 dollar, for once it seems to be cheaper in europe finally (sorry i had to overpay the 980ti like 100bucks compared to US)
  12. and outside the price bracket? how much would i be looking at then?
  13. Hey, Im looking to buy another 4k monitor. Running on a 980ti so pref g-sync? I already got a Asus pb287q but it seemed a bit iffy, when watching movies I noticed the left side of the screen (exact half left side) being a frame ahead or behind compared to the right side. Which is really annoying and noticeable when watching anime. However maybe this was because i was running it on a gtx680 with another 2 hd screens. Now i'm running on a 980ti but didnt check if that was the cause. Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. First off consider 1 thing. Racing games 3 monitors ye looks good. Shooters (especially multiplayer) 3 monitors is prob just to much it will most likely have a negative influence on your performance. Oflline games yea full immersion great everything to make it look nice. So ask yourself, how competitive are you in your online shooters? Whatever your answer is you could still opt for either ultrawide or triple. But if you go triple you will probably notice that you will be playing shooters on just the middle screen. Also for school work or anything else. Some said multitasking is better on 3 screens then ultrawide. Yea kinda, Linus uses the ultrawide for his office. You can easily 'split' your screen in 2 parts by dragging windows left and right instead of maximizing them. And half a screen of ultrawide is good enough to see a whole page in pdf/word or websites. And there is prob software to let the maximizing act like you have 2 screen (or mayby 3). So dont base it to much on working. I got 3 screens and it sure is handy. But if you go ultrawide and for work you rather have another screen. Buy a cheap 100$ one. I got 3 but mainly using 2, the third is for youtube music playlist or a stream as background. In the end this is a very personal choice you have to make. Try listing your pros and cons for each setup, bezels but wider or no bezels. performance gaming or immersion gaming or both (3mon setup and just 1 for online gaming, but smaller for online then). Make a full list, look at it and try deciding on what you find important.
  15. Polini

    New monitor help

    Hey, I'm looking for a new monitor, and I have no idea what i should look for between gsync/freesync etc. My graphics card is EVGA 980ti classified and looking prob for another 4k monitor, budget prob up to 600-650. I got 3 monitors and this is to replace an older one. The 2 that will stay are: Asus PB287Q 28inch 4k And a Samsung 27inch HD (dont know model number) Only the new screen will be used for gaming, no 3 screen games. The other screens are for watching streams or have handy info open while gaming. About the Asus screen it seems to act weird, when watching a movie I noticed 1 side of the screen behind ahead/behind a frame, this was with my previous pc running nvidea gtx680, didnt check if this was graphic card related, can it be graphic's card or is it more likely to be the monitor? That's why I'm not using it as main screen atm. The reason im looking for a 4k monitor mainly is cause pc should be reasonable to handle it (maybe not at max settings) and atm i kinda forced to put my 4k as HD res since combining 4k res with equal sized hd screens is not doable, your mouse movement is twice as slow on the 4k. If you adjust the sensitivity it's to fast on the other screens. That's why im looking more into 4k monitor instead of 1440p with higher hz.