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Everything posted by AyBuild

  1. My nba2k16 mycareer save corrupted and now the game doesn't open great
  2. Imagine if KRImSIN was here. Hates multiple posts...
  3. Is the Sager np8657 any good? Or save for x7 pro
  4. Are the Sager/clevo laptops any good? Leaning towards a laptop again because I spend no time in my room.
  5. +1 on asterisk, chivalry of a failed knight is complete harem bait in the worst way.
  6. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/wdZfWZ this any good?
  7. Some kid tried to start a fight with me... I'm like if you attack me I'll attack back but I'm not doing this for no point. Apparently I'm a pussy.
  8. Thanks you two will go for that.
  9. Aorus line? But yeah your pretty much right
  10. About 3/4 weeks of holidays and 1 week of trips
  11. Gaming desktop + surface/xps 13 or gaming laptop.
  12. Comedy manga recommendations plz
  13. Finished third movie was definately needed to read wiki article afterwards...