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  1. To those interested.. I 'fixed it' by using Edge instead of Chrome or FireFox. Somehow gpu usage is a bit lower and it just runs silky smooth with zero dropped frames there. Now it is weird, somehow Edge does different hardware detection or something. On my desktop GTX 970 it doesn't even give me a 4k option on videos, probably because the hardware decoding is missing from this older card. Yet in FF / Chrome it is available.. So something seems to be handled differently on Edge. And to my surprise, you can even get an ad blocker for Edge?! So MS has the go to browser now?! I need to sit down..
  2. Hey Mark, did you also have the desktop resolution at 4k? I see a performance difference watching 4k in 1080p desktop or 4k desktop.
  3. I've had DP cable issues in the past with 144hz 1440p monitors, but that never resulted in dropped frames. It would only allow 60hz or 1080p as it sensed a lack of bandwidth. I use the supplied DP cable with the LG 43" monitor and it allows 4k60 all day. Dropped frames because of the cable would only seemingly be possible if it lost sync or connection briefly which I really don't think is the case. If that happens you'd see a black screen briefly or spikes in cpu / gpu use I would say..
  4. Hi there! I'm having some unexpected issues with my new HTPC build: System specs: - Ryzen 3200G stock clocks, seems to boost fine to near 4ghz depending on load - AsRock B450 Fatal1ty Gaming-ITX/ac - 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 running at 3200 - Noctua NH L12S cooler, temps are low - Kingston A2000 M.2 250GB - SF450 corsair platinum PSU - Win10 64, up to date - AMD drivers, latest ones and also ones from AsRock site, and also with whatever Windows installed by itself - 43" LGUD79 monitor / tv - Running 4k60hz over DisplayPort Issues I get lots of (10+%) dropped frames on Youtube with 4k60 content and even a few lost frames with 1080p60 content, when I run the desktop at the actual 4k resolution. When I change the desktop resolution to 1080p, all 4k and 1080p content plays smooth. I realize the 4K content is only rendering 1080p in this case. I get this with Firefox and Chrome. My internet connection is fine (100mbit fibre) and it seems to have plenty of buffer. With 4k60 content, Task Manager shows peaks of 85% GPU utilization when hardware acceleration is enabled in the browser, never above this. CPU utilization is low Without hardware acceleration, CPU load is pretty much 100% and the experience even worse. With 1080p60 content, the GPU load is much lower, perhaps 60% and I still get a few dropped frames and clear stutters as a result. Task manager doesn't seem to report many differences between running the desktop res at 4k or 1080p, yet at 4k it isn't smooth and at 1080p it is.. Did I expect too much from the 3200G? Anything I should check? It seems it just can't draw the screen fast enough at 4k to keep up or something odd. I am late to the 4K party but my plan was to enter it more smoothly..
  5. Hi! I've got a strange possible issue. My pc runs fine, has done so for 4 years, mainly running windows 7. I tried Windows 10 late 2015 and it started to run disk checking on startup for some reason. Running sfc / scannow in a command prompt found issues that it couldn't repair. I had more issues with win 10 so I went back to windows 7. A couple weeks ago I installed Windows 10 again, on a fresh Samsung SSD. All seemed fine, until yesterday! It started disk checking on boot agin! Sfc / scannow found issues, but it could repair them. It seems fine now. With Windows 7 I never had any issues and that has been running for over 4 years. My total Win10 install time is 4 weeks and I had multiple issues. Almost points to it being a windows 10 thing. Like i said, the pc runs fine, Win7 ran fine for years, and Win10 has done this startup disk checking now on two different SATA SSD's and ports. It almost sounds like Win10 doesn't shut down properly or something, occasionally corrupting files. It all seems fine though, i see no misbehaving.. But I am worried this will occur again and I end up having to reinstall Windows every few months because it corrupts itself. Very odd! Any ideas anyone?
  6. Hi! Apologies if this is clearly available somewhere, I just couldn't find it! I am happy with my ModMic, the sound is pretty good. But I often just want to wear the microphone when I'm recording some voice overs for example. Having a hot and sweaty pair of cans on my face is annoying in these cases! Has anyone found something or made something for this? Thanks! Niels
  7. Looks are mega subjective of course. I always like minimalistic things that do the job efficiently and quietly. And of course I didn't design and made a case that wouldn't be pretty in my eyes! That would be a bad way to spend 500 euro. :-) Small and quiet were the objectives, and I like how it turned out, but of course half the fun is making it and a sense of pride makes my views not so objective.. :-)
  8. Well any overclocking guide you read points to one thing: Luck! To some extend you need to be lucky with the chip. More speed needs more voltage. More voltage is much more heat. The more luck you have with your chip, the more speed it will do with relatively little extra voltage. I'm at about 1.3 Volt to get a video encoding stress test to be stable.. You may get the same, better or worse results.. I can't tell!
  9. Thanks! Its been going strong for a few months now and I even use its power now and then playing some Far Cry. I don't really see it as its underneath my desk, but hey I know its there being all pretty..
  10. Hey Cano, thanks! Its hard to measure without really proper equipment, and then you'd have to measure a few baseline 'normal systems'... I'm super picky about noise, and when gaming it does become audible, and under high CPU load as well. But for stable 4.7ghz you can't expect it to be inaudible. During normal time wasting usage (youtube, surfin.. or even a bit of Office or CAD) when I come back upstairs after dinner, I have to look if the pc is on, because its not audible. Here is a size comparison I made between a Corsair Carbide 300R and Coolermaster N200. I did some numbers and if I was to make a batch I might be able to sell it for about €300 / $350 ex shipping / VAT as a build yourself kit. I think the lack of snazzy colours and RGB leds means I didn't get the mega response here (or elsewhere) that I hoped though so its a bit unlikely I'll make a batch.. but at that price (which does include a profit for me as well) its not too bad I'd think.
  11. Good point, I didn't know that even there you get inaccurate specs sometimes! Swndlr, when using 3 screens for gaming rigs, the bezel thickness is annoying, thinner is better. But the bezel thickness specs given by manufacturers are almost always ''optimistic''.. The spreadsheet quickly tells you how thick the bezels actually are, not what the marketing department tries to sell you. When using 1 screen it really doesn't matter that much of course.
  12. Now Featuring the Bezel Bullshit Database! (with one entry at the time of posting..) Heyho! You see, marketing departments when talking about bezel thickness are usually telling lies. Marketing pictures, where the bezel seems to not exist, are showing lies. So you invest in expensive screens with a 6mm bezel only to find out they are in fact 11mm. That is almost a 200% lie! But we have spreadsheets, telling us the truth, even if spreadsheets are a bit boring. Here should be the google sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17xPNnolUfN-C-MJ2aN2C8Y0791mLW9na7kFWIR9_sLw/edit#gid=500437571 It should be possible to add to the Bezel Bullshit Database as well. Another, slightly geeky, victory from gamers over the marketing departments! Yay! :-)
  13. Hi guys, First world problem of the year possibly, but still! For a friend (who is rich) I've made a gaming rig with 3 Asus ROG 27" 2560x1440 144hz screens on a 980ti card. All running great in surround, at 7680x1440 at 144hz or with Gsync. Superb! But for more taxing games, I want to run them at 3x 1080p, surely the most common logical resolution in the world? Well its not available. I can select surround 1440p, and then 900p.. I get no 1080p option. I really don't understand how hard it can be to have this resolution as an option! Out of surround mode, I can run each screen fine at 1080p, but when I start enabling surround, they switch back to 1440p and no 1080p is available. Has anyone noticed this and hopefully found a way around it?
  14. Thanks for the positive replies! The secret to the nice look and bending is to pay a professional to do the hard work. As long as I stick to the design and assembly and nothing more, it may work out well... I should've used stainless bolts, flatter ones would have been a bit nicer. The top fans are mounted with harddisk screws, as the coarse thread grips well in the Be Quiet fan rubber mounts. Ideally all the bolts are the same look, and I would use cap nuts on the front fan grill. Should temps be your thing, at full speed the cooling is very good, I don't think there is a drawback having a small case, as long as there are enough fans in it. But I don't want noise and a 60c CPU if I can get peace and quiet at 80c. Most of the time its near or at idle, where even with the fans at 300RPM temps are silly low of course.
  15. Hello! I couldn't find the ideal case for my new build. So I designed my own! Its been a long and expensive project, but I'm super pleased with the results! Read on if you want to find out more. And I've also made a video: What I wanted and why I wanted what I wanted: 2008 is the last time I made a new pc for myself. Yes I'm still going on a 4ghz Core 2 Duo! Most of the time I am the weak link in the productivity chain, not the computer... My objective with computer cases / modding is always to reduce noise as much as possible. I am not a fan of windowed cases and the maximum number of LEDs I tolerate is 1. I also like products that take up no more space than needed. This is my list of requirements for the case: - Small, very small! - Quiet, very quiet! - Dual slot long graphics card - Big tower cooler - Slightly long powersupply (up to 160mm) - Enough 3.5 and 2.5 inch soft mounted drives - (slim) Optical drive The parts: The parts itself are really nothing special, just a solid gaming build: - Coolermaster G550M power - Asus Z97i plus - I5 4690K (@4.7ghz) - Noctua NH D15 - Kingston 16Gb DDR3 2400 - Gigabyte GTX970 G1 GAMING 4GD - Crucial M550 512Gb SSD - Samsung Slim DVD SN 208 FB - Be Quiet Silent Wings fans (3x 140mm, 2x 120mm) The Case: Considering it fits all these large components, it is really really small: - 20cm wide, 32cm deep, 28cm high (32cm with feet) - 7.9in wide, 12.6in deep, 11in high (12.6in with feet) - 18 liters volume, 0.64 cubic foot To give you some idea, the Coolermaster N200 which is one of the smaller 'normal' micro ATX cases that I sometimes use, is 34 liters in volume, almost twice the size! Personally I quite like the brushed stainless steel look with chrome fan grills. It has a nice industrial / minimalistic type of look about it! I've attached some pics. In order to make things workable, the fans are all mounted from the outside. This way I can just about get to all the mainboard connectors without going all "Go Go Gadget Arms" to get to impossible to reach places. Its been surprisingly 'easy to get to' and no blood was spilled during the build. The cooling: The top fans are intake, 2x 140mm fans blowing onto the graphics card and down into the case. The bottom and rear fans, close to the cpu cooler, are exhaust fans. The powersupply has the intake on the front and exhaust on the bottom as well. This goes against natural convection and I am an idiot! Actually I think any sort of forced airflow will be many times more potent than the natural tendency for hot air to rise. The fan direction can be changed, and I might do that at some point to compare the two situations. Top intake, bottom exhaust has the benefit of attracting a lot less dust into the case. At idle the fans all run at about 350RPM. At full load it was about 650RPM to give you some idea. That is really not very high speed, nice and quiet. The GTX970 does have a bit of coil whine, though its not as high frequency as I feared. The Temps: Temps? Do we care about temps? If you're building a silent computer, low temps mean your fans need to be slowed down! I've been quite conservative with the fan profiles so GPU and CPU top out at about 75c. Most likely I will change the profiles to get 80 .. 85c maximum temps, in return for even less noise. Remember we're talking a few high quality 500RPM soft mounted fans, this thing is really quiet! Hey if you've seen any Linus videos, you know hardware can take quite a beating, it will be fine for years! The conclu$ion Making a 'one off' is expensive. This case cost about 500 Euro or 550 USD! Gulp! Sometimes you just have to do a crazy thing. I could make more, and it would cost less because of the production volume benefits, but lets not get ahead of things for now, I'm happy this one is done!