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  1. Title kinda says it all. Building a PC, I plan to buy it on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but it's a lot more expensive than I expected. Most people I ask tell me that $700-$1,500 is a good price to shoot for, but so far, my build clocks in at $2787.70... I'm not really sure what I could safely downgrade. I want it to be able to run new games on high or ultra-high for at least a year or two, and all of the parts I picked seemed like the best out of everything recomended to me. Any downgrades to recomend? Should I even be worried about this price? (it's within my budget but I'll always jump at the chance to grub a bit more money) Also, if it's not too much trouble, I'm not sure what case/monitor/keyboard/mouse ect ect I should go with. Periferals and all. Any recomendations in that field would be welcome. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/68HtYJ