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  1. The h90 has worked a treat, got it when the stock cooler (i had been meaning to chance since I built the thing back in 2011) started being very ineffective at the start of this year, hitting 90-98 in basic games like league of legends so I got a bit worried that i was cooking the cpu. The was before I switched on inbuilt overclocker on motherboard, was amazed that between stock speed and the 1000htz the bios profile added I only saw a 5 degree increase in temps. Thx to all those who gave advice to a new forum member, I think ill hold off getting anything until the new cpus are released.
  2. Maybe I should... hmm it is currently running the (performance) profile built into the motherboards bios, I might have a go overclocking the thing myself and see what it can realy do. Currently under 100% load on all cores running a 3d render after 13mins only one of the cores reached 60 3dmark firestrike extreme pushed it to 58-59 so if got a lot of room temperature wise to play with.
  3. I am also a qualified architectural technologist and will hopefully be running 3d modelling renders. Hopefully in that I am still looking for a job in that crosses fingers.
  4. oops i see my blunder, 5820k is what I meant good catch.
  5. Hello there, my current pc is slowly becoming underpowered for the games I want to play. Current Sandy Bridge i5 2500k running at 4400ghz when under load gtx 770 superclocked from EVGA 8gb 1600 hyperx ram (I believe it is the savage) h90 corsair sealed liquid cooler P8 p67 pro REV 3.1 Storm Trooper case 700w silent pro from cooler master My idea so far is Components being kept- Case Power supply graphics card (for now while I save up some more, planning on a 980ti a month after build) h90 cooler New i7 3820k hex core (points for Tedster catching that I meant 5820k not 3820 also deviz also cautght it) 16gb ddr4 2800 corsair dominator platinum asus sabertooth x99 samsung ssd Currently running 2 1080p monitors but would like to be able to upgrade with a third 4k monitor at some point after getting hold of a 980ti ok hope someone can give me some pointers or ideas for example one thing im not sure about what size ssd to get, am thinking 1 tb as i will be clearing out a lot of older game i dont play anymore and could fit everything on it even now with plenty of space left over. Thx