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  1. Hello


    As the title suggests, have any of you used Superfi for purchasing products, especially audio. Was it a good company to deal with, or did you experience problems. Not sure if I should spend the extra £70 and get the headphones from Amazon, rather than the cheaper price on Superfi



  2. 15 hours ago, LAwLz said:

    I vote for regulating them. The problem with laws are that they have to be designed to cater to the lowest common denominator. If you are arguing that you are a responsible drone owner and shouldn't have to get a license, then you are also arguing that the mentally challenged and unstable 16 year old living two blocks away from an airport should also be free to fly his drone completely unregulated. Idiots are dangerous because they don't realize they are idiots.

    I don't have anything against taking a small test if I want a drone, and then have it registered. I really don't see why anyone would be against that. It's like a test to prove that you aren't a moron.


    That being said, planes will survive getting hit by a drone. Even if the drone completely destroys one of the engines the plane can still operate just fine. The windshields are also very durable. They are made to withstand being smashed by a bird, and birds often weigh 2-3 times as much as drones.

    It would be very bad if your toy ended up destroying something for 20 million dollars and cause mental distress for hundreds of people though so you still shouldn't do it.


    That is not the point though, drones could carry explosives on them, which could potentially destroy an aircraft or make it crash

  3. Could these planes/airport use a certain noise frequency when they fly to stop this from happening, as the frequency can disable the drones. The motion of the plane produces a noise and once the plane stops, the frequency stops. Therefore it saves on power and any complaints based on no evidence like "the frequency leads damaged hearing" you could use lasers, however it could damage other aircraft (unless you use the correct strength) however that will be more expensive

  4. Hello


    I currently have got a 2M length and 900mm length worktop. I have got four legs (two of each side of it) and it is quite wobbly. They are steel legs, however the worktop is not attached to the wall, is there any way to make it more stable, could you list a few options


    I have got my system and monitor on it


    These are the legs on one side






  5. Hello


    I am currently looking for a chair


    Budget - £200-£250, could go to £300

    Height adjustable - upto 560-600mm

    I am 6"2

    Arm rests to be able to take off or fold down

    480mm depth of the seat


    The Vertagear Racing PL6000 would have been great, however the depth and total depth of the chair is too much



  6. Hello


    I would like to be able to calculate a weekly income and monthly income based between two dates and when using a Grand Total field (I have multiple values here)


    I have Arrival Date and Departure Date and would like something this this "between [Arrival Date] and [Departure Date] + Grand Total


    I guess I have to do this in a query



  7. Just now, Godlygamer23 said:

    Though as a quick note, more expensive cables are not likely to benefit you unless you are that concerned about the materials used. If it's DisplayPort certified but only $5 and meets your requirements, it'll be fine. It is a digital signal after all. 


    One more question, is there any DP company better than Lindy


    Yeah, however this ASUS cable is not certified and a few people are using different cables (one used the Lindy Chromo) said it reduced scan lines, so I just want a good quality DP cable now :)

  8. 3 minutes ago, jj9987 said:

    DisplayPort 1.2 sets the standard at 17.28Gbps. (Source: Wikipedia)


    I personally don't see the point paying three times more for a display cable. Either of them should suffice your needs just fine.

    I am using a unknown brand DisplayPort cable for my 34UM95, no issues whatsoever.


    If you have heard about scan lines on the ASUS PG348Q, the ASUS cable is not certified, then a few people used a different certified cable and scan lines were reduced, that is why I want to change cable :)

  9. Hello


    I am looking to get this Displayport cable for my monitor from Lindy, however I cannot find them as a Displayport certified company on Displayports website. Also how comes they list bandwidth at 17.28Gbp/s and not 21.6Gbp/s like other DP companies


    So is Lindy any good as a cable company


    This one




    I might get this one





  10. 12 minutes ago, vong said:

    Those framerates are pretty good for the resolution and overclock. What kind of AA were ypu using? Geez you must loaded haha

    I think it was x2 SMAA, however I am not sure (cannot run the game on my old system that I am currently using)

  11. 12 minutes ago, vong said:

    Yeah, you're one of the guys I was talking about. Fingers crossed that the shipment comes in tomorrow as that's the retailer's eta currently.


    What settings and framerates are you getting with ROTR? I've got 2 980Ti's as well and that game is what motivated me to get this monitor.

    I get about 60-80 FPS, this is with 1430Mhz/7096Mhz, however my GTX 980ti Lightnings broke (100 percent fan speed) so I am getting Matrix SLI now, I will test overclock performance next month

  12. Hello


    For many years now delivery companies are increasing the amount of damaged and lost goods, they are also lying about delivering products. If you could sign this petition on "Which" that would be great, you do not need to put your postcode in the box, the petition is to try and stop these awful delivery companies


    The box is on the right side





  13. 1 minute ago, roctrebira said:

    Yep its the platinum and my out of the box boost clock is 1380 and the fans are 80% are kinda quiet more like a hum and my GPU stays from 70-80c when gaming but i also have the H440 and when i take the front off my temps drop by about 6-10c all while the card stays silent. I have not memory overclock.


    Only 1380Mhz, it should do 1418Mhz - 1430Mhz out of the box, I wonder what happened