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Posts posted by Latislapaloie

  1. Have you changed anything recently? Any new programs installed, new hardware, new drivers? Odd it just happened out of nowhere..

     nope, but i recently reformatted from windows 7 to 8.1 but the frame drops happened after about a week

  2. Thank you, I feel like most people don't see the good in Win. 8. Honestly the new start screen is just as good as the desktop and its not like your forced to use it.

    :P only thing i don't really use is the metro, but i don't really care that its there either 

  3. I suggest secure erasing it rather than using the Windows format from the CD. I use Parted Magic but it's not free anymore, you can still find the free versions from various download sites.


    I have tested this and I get better performance (Crystal Disk Mark at least) after secure erasing vs formatting. I even tried this on a brand new SSD straight from the packaging where I got better scores after secure erasing it even though it has never been used.

    yea i'll do that i guess, the samsung magician thingy has a option to put a secure erase program on to usb/cd