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  1. Look for a cluster of resistor on the board which their position can be changed to an adjacent unpopulated pad
  2. For a sense resistor it's normal to be a very low value because it's placed in series with the load that is being monitored. Usually on NVIDIA cards the resistor used to set parameters such ad the PCI ID are in the 0÷100kΩ range.
  3. You don't have to use 50 meters of wire to make these momentary modifications. The very small resistance of the wire won't matter in this case. There are various values of potentiometer, just choose the appropriate one.
  4. I also did that but I couldn't get anything significant to change
  5. They are not in parallel. One side of them is connected to either GND or VCC but the other sides are all connected to different pins of the GPU (or maybe other complementary components).
  6. Just move their position, that's as simple as that (well, if you know how to solder SMD )
  7. 417.22 works with P106-100 on MSI Z78-G43 with i5-4670k
  8. Tested with 425.31 and Windows gave error 43
  9. Will this work with later driver than 417.22? No, right?
  10. I found a faster way when stuck with 43 error. DDU the Nvidia driver let Windows install his driver and reboot; it will install succesfully. Disable your NIC, DDU the Windows driver and install the Nvidia driver.
  11. I also get that on my laptop with MX150
  12. 416.34 it the one that worked (GitHub inf), but now my card keeps crashing in games and then Windows gets stuck with error 43. And the worst part is that I don't know if this is caused by me playing with the PCB or by the drivers
  13. Yeah, it's so frustrating! BTW confirmed that with driver modded the LTT way Apex Legends won't run and modded the GitHub way it runs.
  14. Yes, I checked and it's different and so I adapted the GitHub instructions on how to mod it. The "mini-tutorial" in my previous post is already with updated line numbers. Oh and BTW now with the GitHub modded unsigned 416.34 drivers Apex Legends works I don't know if the problem was the LTT mod or the self signed drivers. Just tested with 417.71 and I get error 43. it's working! Attached you find modded 417.71 nv_dispi and nvaci. nv_dispi.inf nvaci.inf I was playing around with 418.81, then I reinstalled 417.71 and now i get error 43