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  1. Hi guys, does anyone know whats the size of the ASUS STRIX 980 Ti? and if it can fit in a RAVEN RVZ01? thanks.
  2. nkhs

    21:9 gaming

    also thanks to all of you
  3. nkhs

    21:9 gaming

    Thanks for everything dude!
  4. nkhs

    21:9 gaming

    Hi guys, im needing a good 21:9 monitor in a range between 200$ and 300$USD, any suggestions?
  5. There is the 700w sfx coming out soon, but either way i will check if an non sfx 800w can fit, thanks
  6. mmm i think i will follow your advice of waiting until windows 10 is out, thanks
  7. Well, with windows 8.1 i can upgrade it to 10 i think
  8. Also the i74790k is getting cheaper, and i cant pass the 2600$ barrier
  9. The thing is that i dont know if a non sfx psu will fit in the case
  10. Parts: 1)ASUS Mini ITX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150 Motherboard MAXIMUS VII IMPACT ( not sure if use this one or the z97 plus) 2)SilverStone Technology Raven Z Mini-ITX Black (RVZ01B) 3)EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti ACX SC+ ACX 2.0+ Graphics Card with Backplate 06G-P4-4995-KR 4)SilverStone Technology 600W SFX Form Factor 80 PLUS GOLD (not sure if it is going to be enough to power the 980ti, Nvidia says it is but idk you tell me fellows) 5)Intel Core BX80646I74790K i7-4790K 6)Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB 2x8GB DDR3 2400MHz (im also going to do a little of photoshop, rendering and more things than gaiming) 7)Corsair Hydro Series High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler H60 (will it fit? is it enough) 8)Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 9)Seagate 2TB Desktop SSHD 10)SilverStone Technlogy Flat Flexible Short Cable Set for Modular PSUs (PP05-E) (due that it is a really tiny case, im needing more flexible cables i think) 11)Cooler Master JetFlo 120 - POM Bearing 120mm Red LED (3 of this bad boys) 12)Corsair Gaming K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Backlit Red LED, Cherry MX Red 13)Corsair Vengeance M95 Performance MMO/RTS Laser Gaming Mouse, Gunmetal Black 14)Silverstone SOD02B 12.7mm (not sure if it will fit, silverstones page says it will but i have read that for some people it does not) 15)Corsair Gaming MM200 Standard Edition Cloth Gaming Mouse Mat 16)LG Electronics S-Class 25UM64-S 25-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor (i love 21:9) 17)Displayport cable 1.3 18)Windows 8.1 So, what do you think guys? im going to be playing a lot of demanding games in 2k, tell me what you think of this build