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  1. Yup tried it and it didn't change abything. It has been working the past week without itbeing detected, dunno what happened now.
  2. Will msi still accept it seeing as I've had this mobo for about 2 years nkw? I also can't go a month without a pc.
  3. D: drive is just my random crap drive, my c drive is my ssd. I'll try resetting it.
  4. Hello all, I have a predicament. For the past week or so my D drive has not been able to be detected. I have had this drive for about two years now. It is a WD green 1.5tb drive. It is plugged in and was working until it randomly decided not to. I am also having issues with my ethernet. For some reason whenever I boot up my pc, it doesn't work. I have to right click the Ethernet icon in the taskbar and select troubleshoot problems. It takes about 2 minutes and ultimately resets the Internet drjver. Now, I could live with these problems until the one I have now. I just got home from work and when I went to boot up my pc, it stuck itself into a boot loop (?). Here is a quick video showing tbis: It has been like this for the past 20-30 minutes with no end in sight. I have tried rebooting, i have tried pressing to go to the bios setup, which it is not letting me do. Any help at all at this point would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Uehm

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    Does anyone know where I would go about getting a wood case for my pok3r? I've seen the massdrop (ugh) and would rather not wait 5 years in order to get it.
  6. Uehm

    I NEED A PRINTER for college

    I love my hp envy 5530. It's fairly cheap @ $90. I don't think ink is too expensive but then again I'm on the HP instant ink program so I wouldn't know. Definitely recommend joining that though. For $10 a month (which I would recommend for you since you say you print a lot) you get to print 300 pages a month. Each additional set of 25 pages is $1 each. Check it out here: https://instantink.hpconnected.com
  7. Uehm

    Third monitor not displaying

    Nope, was using the HDMI port and was using it with the other monitor that was working.
  8. Uehm

    Third monitor not displaying

    Yeah so I don't really know what's going on at this point. I disconnected the other ones, nothing. However, when I started it up, I could still interact with the monitor, so it was physically....there. I also replaced the cable with just the HDMI cable and that doesn't seem to be working. If the monitor was dead, then why would it technically still be there? Wouldn't it not show in the screen res page as well as CCC?
  9. Hello all again, Ran into another issue from my last thread. I have now purchased an active HDMI -> MDP adapter. I no longer get a "no signal detected" message. What I do get is a black screen on the third monitor. I am no longer getting the "change display settings to save" message either. Screen resolution page: I can drag things into the monitor, though I can't actually see them. I have tried switching power sources (previously in a power bank thingy, now plugged into the wall) to no avail. Here is what I am doing: Monitor One: (not working): HDMI in monitor, active HDMI -> MDP adapter plugged into GPU. Monitor Two: (working): HDMI in monitor, passive MDP into GPU Monitor Three: (working): HDMI in monitor, HDMI into GPU Hopefully one of you are able to help, I want to finally use my third monitor. Thanks.
  10. Uehm

    PC not detecting third monitor

    Darn. By the way, happy 10,000 posts!
  11. Uehm

    PC not detecting third monitor

    So would this work? http://www.amazon.com/gofanco%C2%AE-DisplayPort-Converter-UltraHD-Display/dp/B00OSCPCHW/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1434070898&sr=1-5&keywords=mini+displayport+active+to+hdmi I would run an HDMI cable from my third monitor and then plug it into the MDP on my GPU.
  12. Uehm

    PC not detecting third monitor

    I would like to murder AMD. God damnit. So I guess I gotta buy another displayport cable. Wew....
  13. Uehm

    PC not detecting third monitor

    Hi, It is the third one, which is using DVI, yes. The cable seems to be working fine, when a cable is dead I got a "cable not detected" message. So it shouldn't be that. The HDMI to DP monitor is working fine, so I don't think I need an active adapter.
  14. Uehm

    PC not detecting third monitor

    Must be relating to the output, I'm getting a "signal not detected" now. Let me try switching them.
  15. Uehm

    PC not detecting third monitor

    Yes. However, it's automatically on 'Disconnect this display.' When I click 'extend this display', it says "the display settings could not be saved. Please try a different combination of display settings."