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  1. Brought a ryzen 2200G and a Gigabyte ab350m mobo add a 500mhz overclock using the stock cooler (3.5GHZ to 3.55GHZ) Temperature while running a stress stress is around 94-98 Celcius Is this normal?
  2. Can a and fx 6300 over clock without a aftermarket cooler?
  3. 24 inch what refresh rate is good at this price?
  4. Will be doing heavy gaming and some video editing like after effect adobe premium and photoshop etc. will the fx 6300 be enough? I can't afford a i5
  5. Hahaha I cracked it too as a 16 years old student , just can't afford too much
  6. I have $200 to spent on graphic card. going to buy a fx 8350 for my cpu