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  1. i guess where just gonna have to see then bro. haha ? thank you for the suggestion ?
  2. wow... i did not think of that bro....what a fail hahaha !! thanks man. i appreciate the help
  3. im looking into that bro, thats why i havnt bought the main things. i got to do more research before i even make purchases
  4. my plan was to get the $200 motherboard because i know months down the line, im bound to either get the 3900x or 3700x (im really indecisive) sell the apu, and then save more cash to get the 2070 super then sell the budget GPU. i didnt want to get a B450 motherboard and pair it with listed CPUs above because depending on the merchant that sells the motherboard, i wouldn't know if the motherboard would come in with the new bios update that supports said CPUs , and if it didnt come in updated, i would have to buy another cpu just to update the motherboard, which i dont want to do. but at that point, i know i wouldn't just play games with that power. im a beatmaker. i know im going to render out 1080p videos and beats from my daw and do some editing here and there.....sooooo yea ? haha
  5. So im building a new pc. Im deciding to get the AMD ryzen 5 3400g APU that goes for $150USD. ive seen videos of the apu being a solid chip, but i also heard from them that you can easily get better performance ( gaming wise) if you can get a budget amd chip thats like $50USD and a entry level graphics card around $110+ USD. heres my pc partpicker link if you guys want to take a look !! . i know later on in the future im bound to upgrade to the big boy CPUs and a better GPU!! (AMD ryzen 5 3900x paird with a nvidia 2070 super) but for now, i got to start off small !! the help would truly be appreciated !! https://pcpartpicker.com/user/klikkzz/saved/CVJdXL
  6. Soo, im looking for a good internet router with good wireless capabilities. 2.4 ghz and 5ghz. Theres about 5 devices in our household and when im playing online games, it lags so much, even tho im running a 400mbps speed from my ISP. Any suggestions on routers? And/or tips to stop the lag if possible?
  7. i have a acer helios 300 laptop. it rocks a 1060 and an i7. last night i was playing games and it was functioning normal. no frame rate drops, nuthing. just normal. i wanted to play GTA and once i started running it to my main character, my frame rate was at a solid 15 fps......usually the game runs in at 55-60 fps all the time. i ran other games and it was the same thing. a solid 15 fps. i reinstalled my drivers twice, restarted my computer, tried to update the games but they were up to date, and still nothing !!! please help !!
  8. I live in the US, and budget would be somwhere around the $150 to $200 range
  9. Very imformative. Thank you sir/ma'am, ur info is truly much appreciated. Since i have a gaming laptop, im currently looking at portable 7.1 soundcards and i will loook up videos and reviews about them. Same thing for the open back headphones that are really good at accurate binaural sounds. The combo that will fit my budget
  10. I got m50xs from audio technica. Is there any way to have that "surround" sound? I really just want them to pinpoint enemies and hear their footsteps on PUBG. Thats really my only thing why i want to purchase of pair of gaming 7.1 headsets. And i to talk to my teammates, ill just buy a mod mic
  11. I been looking at the hyper x revolver s. But i seen comments online about some other headphones better than those i stated, and others saying you can mimick the "surround" with standard stereo headphones with other softwares........any suggestions?
  12. Im buying a gaming laptop tomorrow. Is it possible to make it a hackintosh? Acer preditor helios 300