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  1. "buying" not so much, but you can pay money to use a botnet, a rental system if you will. The operator of the botnet usuallys carries out your requests for a fee.
  2. I've always been guided to buy a product that does one job because it will do that one job better than a device that is designed to do three jobs, would that not defeat the purpose of what I am trying to achieve?
  3. Honestly I though my budget would be the killer here and I would have to cut back on some of the stuff I would like to have. EDIT: oh and I have 4 static IP's that i need to be able to assign to internal machines, is it possible to do this with consumer hardware?
  4. Hello Gentlemen/Ladies, I have just moved into my new house Monday and would like to kit it out with a full networking solution - first this first, I live in the UK for things like the managed infrastructure and where to source gear. I'm not a complete novice to this but my knowledge pretty much went up to to having an ADSL2+ modem/router/access-point all in one and using my server for DHCP & DNS, in my new network I would prefer a separate modem, gateway, DHCP, DNS, access point and whatever else you suggest i might need. My only issue is that I dont even know if i can change the modem, i do know it is a VDSL2 modem though and I assume i can change it, I have all the logins for accessing the internet via custom equipment. The modem I was supplied with is on the right hand side of the image on the following page https://huaweihg612hacking.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/the-vdsl2-modem-from-eci the router i was supplied with was a Technicolor TG582n which would appear so basic i cannot even find anywhere to change the SSID/password. I am hoping to spend no more than £140 (~$200), but I am honestly lost where to start. I can find access points, but the only modems/gateways i can find are all in one solutions. Any direction would be highly appreciated, this is one of my least knowledgeable aspects of IT.