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  1. hi people i did post this into the graphics card section yesterday but only got one reply my system is spec are below and for some reson before i changed my gpu from a gtx 960 to an rx590 i was running the cpu of an oc at 4.3ghz with 1.34v all stable and working fine. Then i slapped the rx590 into her and now the oc dont even work or even a tiny oc i have to run at stock speed's. When i apply the oc and reboot my system it then starts up and the fans spin but i have no signal out put what so ever so then i have to clear cmos and run at stock for the signal to out put as i say my system spec's are below and hopeing to find the reson to this before i brake her down a go ryzen. Also fogot to mention i did use the outervision psu calculator and was saying that. Load Wattage: 532 W Recommended UPS rating: 1100 VA Recommended PSU Wattage: 582 W 750w psu recommended cpu: x5650 stock speed's now motherbored: GA-X58A-UD3R 16gb ram rx 590 7 x rgb fan gamemax 240m liquid coller 1x 2tb hd 2 x 1tb 1 xssd 600w seagate psu 552w on 12v rail with 46a 1 x 80m fan on the north bridge as this get a bit hot haha 1 x fan controler
  2. thanks for you response i have just tryed to even do a little over clock to 3.8ghz at 1.28v as my 4.3ghz was at 1.34v but it still do no good. As soon as my pc reboots the motherbored powers on fans and the rest but. I get no signal out putting but again soon as i go back to stock by clearing cmos boots up fantastic and turbo boost up to 3ghz
  3. hi every kinda new to the fourm Room and was seeking some help. I curenlty run a x5650 stock speed with a gigabyte x58a-ud3r motherbored 16gb Ram but when I 1st built this build i had a gtx 960 paired with the cpu and managed to get and overlcock on the cpu to 4.3ghz this is using a 600w seagate psu since then i have upgraed to a rx590. But now my oc dont even post or boot into windows so this requires a cmos reset and to run at stock speeds i was thinking this issue might be the psu or could i be wrong also sorry for anything misspelling or anything else haha
  4. thanks its only been two days since i have fitted it all in and yes was worried about the condensation in the reservoir i think ill give it a top up all the way as DimasRMDO stated.
  5. hi there just completed my 1st water-cooling loop and I'm just worried about it now could someone please tell me if this looking rigght. my pc is in the loft so it gets a fair bit warm up there but pc ideas about 27c-30c load playing gta 40c-50c