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  1. i have speakers for 2000$ but they are at repair, i want to turn all three monitor while they're there
  2. is there anyway i can output music sound from all three monitors?
  3. Hi! I got 3 PB287Q's running in surround. And sometimes the surround disables itself. Is there any cause of this? It's not very annoying to turn on but it takes a few minutes.
  4. Can someone share a cart for what I need to water cool only 3 gtx 980 ti? I got a noctua nh 500 or something like that, a CPU cooler for 100$ but it might be in the way? It's an air cooler
  5. It's a gaming rig! guess it's an 8 then for you if I would take away the razer stuff. I like razer but everyone has their opinion!
  6. I don't know, they helped a little but I payed 1000 dollars myself
  7. You're probably right. They get 85 degrees at load when I do triple monitor gaming at 4K. But a fourth cars + water cool? Lol I'm dreaming but you never know
  8. What do you guys think off my setup? Here's my specs 3x 980 ti's SC ASUS Rampage V 16GB DDR4 RAM 3 TB HDD 7200 RPM 500 GB SSD Intel I7 5930K Razer Death adder 2014 Razed black widow Green led's in my case And last but not least, 3 PB287Q's running at 11520 x 2160! I'm considering getting a fourth 980 ti but scaling to the third one wasn't great and from three to four I think it will be much worse. But anyway, what do you think off my set up?
  9. skype är emil.lindblad. tror jag, eller snilletx33 eller nåt men tror på det första. Pengar finns
  10. fan gör du på linus tech tips? haha kommer ihåg lite men det var länge sen. Kör bara dator just nu, köpte 3 stycken 980 ti's och tre 4k skärmar å la konsol bakom mig
  11. jao fan, 132 på mod of the dead, vad hette du på ps3?