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  1. thanks man. hahaha yeah probably giving it to my cousin hes going to build his first as well..im used to wireless mouse maybe thats a good change too. probably ill get a matte black speaker to match up with my system. ive tried on that headphone felt like my beats studio was a rip off.
  2. the Beats pill was a gift from my sister lol.. im currently looking for replacements in the future but its not really a priority for now hahaha.
  3. Mobo: Maximus VII RANGER CPU:i7-4790k GPU: Asus GTX 980 strix Ram:Corsair Vengeance Samsung Evo 250g SSD HDD: 2tb Mouse: Razer Ouroboros Keyboard: Corsair Mechanical k70 RGB Speaker: Beats XL Pill ~Idk if what I did made any sense to this build, as I switched from corsair h60 to have it watercooled with swiftech 320 with EK waterblock and had my cpu and gpu watercooled ***need some opinion on what i did wrong and what i need to improve/upgrade.. Im Currently Playing Guildwars 2 and I'm planning to play Call of Duty: Advanced warfare.